Barcoding, Inc. Texas Office

Houston, Texas & Barcoding, Inc.

With our acquisition of Danforth Systems in September 2018, Barcoding, Inc. now has an office located in Houston, Texas to serve local customers and those around the southwest.

Our Office Location

10370 Richmond Ave.  Suite 125
Houston, TX 77042

(713) 782-6000

Enterprise Data Collection Services

For Texas-based companies, and those in the Southwest, we have over 25 years of experience consulting in the barcode scanner and hand-held device industry.

We focus on barcode and RFID-based tracking solutions for all industries. For Texas, we’re adept at the oil and gas industry as well as field service.

Our goal is to work with you to improve work flow processes, asset management, and operator efficiency in your industry.

  • Diversity & Range of Solutions: Over 20,000 products available from all major suppliers
  • Experience: 100’s of medium, large, and enterprise barcode and RFID implementations
  • Partnership: Dedicated account managers just for you

How We Work

  1. You tell us about the problem or challenge you face.
  2. We evaluate the situation with you. Asking good questions to get to the root cause.
  3. We architect a solution with you, using proven components (hardware, software, services).
  4. We deploy the solution with our GoLive Services™ so your team has an out-of-box experience, and StayLive Services™, which will keep you up and running 24×7.
  5. We follow up to measure success and work with you to continuously improve.

Call (713) 782-6000 or fill out our form below to get started!

Our Texas team has been solving data collection needs since 1988!

Our History in Texas

Our heritage stems from Datascan Technologies, Inc., which was founded by Danforth Systems president, Dan Tarpey, in 1988 as a provider of hardware and software products. Datascan was a forerunner in the Houston area in the sale and service of bar coding and scanning technology and solutions.

Danforth Systems successfully served the Houston and surrounding areas until September of 2018 when Barcoding, Inc. acquired them. Danforth Systems’ core team brings 60+ years of dedicated professional experience in bar coding and scanner technology, mobile data capture systems and operations management to every opportunity with sincere commitment to listen, learn and present solutions best fitted to solve and eliminate pain points

The acquisition brings together two forward-thinking teams who believe in listening to our customers and designing a solution to fit their unique needs.

“Danforth Systems’ outstanding reputation and integrity in the marketplace, and its similar technological capabilities to Barcoding, make this acquisition a fitting opportunity for both companies,” said Shane Snyder, Barcoding, Inc. president.

Dan Tarpey, president, Danforth Systems, said, “We are excited about joining the fastest growing company in the industry. As a highly respected system integrator with a wide-range of services and proven team of experts, Barcoding will provide our existing customers with the opportunity to improve their efficiency, accuracy and connectivity in order to grow.”