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Barcoding has delivered efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity since 1998!

History of Barcoding, Inc.

Founded in 1998 in CEO Jay Steinmetz’s Baltimore apartment, Barcoding, Inc. has been committed to making its customers more efficient, accurate, and connected through the most cutting-edge technology. With extensive experience in the automatic identification industry, knowledge of the supply chain market, an entrepreneurial mentality and several patents to his name, Steinmetz established Barcoding as a company ahead of its time.

Over the years, Barcoding has continuously exhibited innovation, constantly reinventing itself to stay atop the changing technology landscape. In fact, Barcoding explored mobile, web and cloud solutions before they were even a thought for other companies. But, at its root, Barcoding’s goal has always been to serve as a complete solutions provider – recommending, integrating and supporting the best possible blend of technologies to make its customer successful.

As Barcoding grew, Steinmetz and Barcoding brought on new resources, reputable partners, and subject matter experts, allowing the firm to serve bigger clients and manage larger-scale implementations across industries. In 2004, the once-small startup became an Inc. 500 company and was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of 10 Privately Held Technology Companies to Watch. Then, in 2006, Steinmetz won the Ernst & Young Award for Maryland Entrepreneur of the Year.

Contributing to its growth, Barcoding has also made several strategic acquisitions. In 2013, the company made the largest acquisition in its history, purchasing Lake Zurich, Illinois-based Miles Technologies, Inc., a provider of barcode and RFID equipment. This allowed Barcoding to enhance its presence in the Central region of the United States and expand its RFID capabilities.

Today, Barcoding provides end-to-end solutions for more than 2,500 organizations nationwide – from project planning and development to implementation, to ongoing, post-deployment support.

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