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Top RFID Trends for 2017
The Internet of Things (IoT) world may be new to some, but it has already made a big impact in the current industrial revolution — also known as Industry 4.0 — and will continue to rapidly grow in popularity in the years to come.

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Preparing Enterprise for a Post-Windows Mobile World

The end is near for Windows Mobile – and it’s been a long time coming. Although Microsoft extended support for the platform through 2020, application development tools for the operating system (OS) have not been updated since 2008. Article by Jack Nosek, lead software engineer, in Wireless Week.

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RFID, Asset Management a Powerful Combo

A more connected enterprise can use both technologies. Article in Plant Engineering.

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RFID: A Taste of Traceability

A central piece of complying with industry regulations like Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, is data collection—food and beverage companies must collect, access, and utilize the necessary data to track and trace products throughout the supply chain. RFID provides these capabilities, and then some. Article in Food Quality & Safety.

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Technology’s new level of ingredient and product traceability

Software solutions help snack producers and bakers build a proven traceability plan to track ingredients and finished goods to prevent or handle product recalls. Interview with our director of RFID, in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.

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RFID on the Rise

Top Radio Frequency Identification trends & tools for food manufacturers. Article in Food Manufacturing.

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Asset, Patient Tracking Technology Jockeys for Bottom-line Position

Users’ understanding of the benefits and limitations of each technology has allowed for system designers to deploy multiple, and sometimes all three, technologies within the same system. Interview with our director of RFID, in Healthcare Purchasing News.

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A New Era For RFID In Manufacturing

It’s an exciting time for radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. With increased standards, lower system costs, enhanced solution reliability and greater adoption rates, RFID is poised for explosive growth in 2016 and beyond. Article in Manufacturing Business Technology.

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Click ‘n Connect

Retail shippers are seeking innovative solutions to meet changing shopper priorities. Article in Canadian Shipper.

Tapping the Power of Performance Management

When implementing new solutions, an effective performance management process must be in place. Article by Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, in Inbound Logistics.

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Developing Smart Cities & Communities

This Cradlepoing white paper explores the current and potential benefits of wireless network technologies and the IoT to expand efficiencies and open up new possibilities for public sector organizations such as cities, counties, states and federal government. It also takes a look at the network challenges facing these agencies, and offers solutions and best practices to mitigate these challenges.

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Where’s my Pallet?

Pallets need to be tracked not only between delivery points, but also in the warehouse or distribution center. If a pallet full of product is moved without being registered in the system, how do you find it when it’s time to load into an outgoing vehicle? Interview with our director of RFID, in Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

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Cubing and Weighing: Besting the Dim Rate Dilemma

After major parcel carriers introduced new rate structures, the industry is still scrambling to identify and eliminate every cubic inch of waste. Interview with Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, in Material Handling Product News.

Don’t Make These Mistakes Other VARs Make With SMB Customers

Business Solutions solicited advice regarding the most common mistakes made by IT solutions providers when selling to SMBs and channel executives responded with the following list of mistakes your competitors are making. Interview with Ivan Lutwin, director of strategic programs.

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Stop Thieves With RFID Protection

How RFID-Blocking Items Boost Personal Security. Interview with our director of RFID, in Wearables magazine.

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How to Build Solid Cash Flow Relationships

An approachable collections function is equivalent to money in the bank. Incorporating sales best practices into collections can significantly shorten the order-to-cash cycle. Article by Jeff Gillis, CFO, in Treasury & Risk Magazine.

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Impact Your Business with Supply Chain Analytics

From tracking assets, to creating chains of custody, to collecting data in the field, automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology has certainly made its mark on supply chains, helping organizations of all sizes and in all industries perform more efficiently and accurately every day. Article by Shane Snyder, president, in EBN.

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Supply Chain Analytics: How Manufacturers Can Get the Most Value Out of Their Automated Data Capture Technology

In an age where manufacturers are looking for new ways to cut costs and drive new efficiencies, automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology has become commonplace in day-to-day operations. Article by Shane Snyder, president, in IMPO.

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Evaluating & Deploying Supply Chain Analytics

This new technology is about wrapping analytics around a company’s people, processes and extant technology to drive decisions and, ultimately, success. Video interview with Shane Snyder, president, and SupplyChainBrain.


Inventory Management: From RFID to the #2 Pencil

For manufacturers, effective inventory management is a key piece of supply chain efficiency and accuracy. Yet, with numerous solutions on the market, evolving technology, and increased emphasis on running “lean,” plant managers and materials handling professionals face the challenge of determining which inventory management method to implement. Article by Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, in Plant Engineering.

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Summa Akron City Hospital Tracks EMS Stretchers, Reduces Wait Times

The Ohio hospital is employing RFID to learn how long it takes for patients arriving at its emergency department to be transferred from stretchers to beds, which has helped it to minimize delays.

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Going Hybrid in Healthcare

As with any organization, hospitals and healthcare facilities are always looking for ways to use technology to reduce expenditures and improve efficiencies. Once a technology deemed a little bit ahead of its time, RFID (radio frequency identification) is now making waves across a variety of industries, including healthcare. Article in Executive Insight.

Wearable and Mobile Technologies

Supply chain management is getting an adrenaline shot in the arm with emerging wearable and mobile technologies. Interview with Martin Jack, CTO, in MHI Solutions.

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Inventory Counting on the Go

Inventory accuracy has always been critical to the smooth operation of a distribution center. Without reliable and up-to-date information, DCs face significant hurdles in their quest to fill orders swiftly and accurately, or achieve much success with their demand planning. Interview with Chase Sowden, supply chain architect, in DC Velocity.

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RFID on the Rise

A look at today’s trends and top applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Article in Pharmaceutical Processing.

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RFID and the Supply Chain: Measured Progress

The RFID market is showing signs of steady growth as companies work to achieve a meaningful return on investment in specific areas of given processes. Article in Modern Materials Handling.

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RFID is a Wireless Wonder

RFID technology is quickly transforming the supply chain world and its various applications are speeding up numerous processes and taking parcel monitoring to a new level. Article in Supply Chain Digital.


You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

Telemetry can eliminate the “black holes” and provide increased visibility. Thanks to falling chip costs and a change in business strategy, RFID technology is rebounding to play a major role in the widening world of telemetry. Article in Canadian Shipper.

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Applying Systems Thinking in the Warehouse Environment

The warehouse environment is a microcosm of the world. There’s good and bad; cooperation and chaos; predictable patterns and surprises every day – whether you’re running a distribution business, an e-commerce business, or you’re a manufacturer.

If you want to improve the productivity and performance of the warehouse and distribution center, operations must constantly improve and adopt innovations in the marketplace like adding direct to consumer order processing to warehouses that currently support retail orders and merging and expanding distribution channels through a single warehouse.

Facility Labeling Options for Food Manufacturers

Business doesn’t stop just because maintenance needs to be done. Learn how one food manufacturer ensured that equipment was well maintained by using labels for lines and machines.

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Raising the Bar on Tracking Products, People, Equipment

In this era of smartphones and near-ubiquitous online wireless access, HPN revisited some of the “back-to-basics” fundamentals for those either new to the game or needing quick updates on the latest developments potentially affecting their business. Barcoding interview with Healthcare Purchasing News.

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Mobility Takes Logistics to the Next Level

Field Technologies Online

Visibility is an important commodity for fleet operators, particularly those transporting valuable cargo for customers. Having a detailed view of where a truck is at any given time, when an expected delivery will arrive, and how long it took goods to move from point A to point B not only helps improve efficiency, but also security. That’s especially true when the goods in question are the type of high value cargo – namely, bags of cash and other valuables – transported by Dunbar Armored.

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