Warehouse Vision: Customer is King

While the customer is always right, these days, with an I-want-it-now mentality, the customer is calling the shots. If an order isn’t perfectly fulfilled and delivered in a timely manner, they will not only take their business elsewhere, but they may even write a scathing review.

This growing customer power is driving changes in the warehouse, according to Warehouse Vision, a survey by Zebra Technologies. According to the survey, for the future of warehousing in 2018:

  • 48.5% want to enhance customer service
  • 34.5% to achieve shorter delivery times
  • 30.8% to improve order turnaround time
  • 61.6% to reduce out-of-stock conditions
  • 49.4% to improve labor performance and productivity

Forward-thinking companies realize that profitability starts in the warehouse, with productivity and efficiency of operations. The warehouse is not simply a storage space, but a catalyst for growth that can deliver a tangible ROI.

In order to become a lean, real-time facility, an end-to-end mobile warehouse solution is imperative, allowing:

  • Workforce to access business data anywhere in the warehouse
  • Visibility over the entire supply chain
  • Improved efficiency throughout all warehouse operations

Of respondents surveyed in Warehouse Vision, 70% aim to achieve these goals by introducing more automated processes—66% of respondents want to introduce handheld mobile computers or tablets.

With the right automation and mobile warehouse solutions, streamlining operations becomes easier, leading to a more efficient, accurate and connected warehouse.

Check out the Zebra Solution Brief to find the right mobile warehouse solution for you.

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