Want to Test Drive Intermec Devices without the Commitment?

New Program from Barcoding Inc. offers Intermec Demos for $1/day*

Barcoding Inc., a leader in the automated data capture industry, has recently released a new program called Demo2Go, which allows companies to try out mobile devices, such as the Intermec CN3e, for $95 for a period of 95 days. In addition to getting the opportunity to test drive the latest hardware, the mobile devices will also include a software program that allows for the creation of custom applications. In addition, the demo will be loaded with a choice of two software applications which best fit the company’s needs.

This type of solution is revolutionary in the industry. As some of you may know, it can be quite difficult to get a hold of demo equipment, yet alone demo equipment with your very own custom solution. Barcoding Inc. even offers to put your company’s own software on the mobile devices, allowing you to truly get a feel for the solution. The demo mobile devices will also be loaded with Soti MobiControl, which allows Barcoding Inc. to remotely troubleshoot any questions or problems you may encounter.

If you would like to start trying out mobile devices such as the Intermec CN3e or the Intermec CK3, you can visit Barcoding Inc.’s Demo2Go page  and start taking your business to the edge of its enterprise.