Trends in Transportation and Logistics that Deliver with Datalogic – #SupplyChainGeekDay Video of the Week

We are excited to be sharing another installment of our Video of the Week series recapping sessions from our #SupplyChainGeekDay Summit event. For today’s video, we are featuring our partner, Datalogic, a global manufacturer of automated identification systems.

Driving Optimization in Transportation and Logistics
In this #SupplyChainGeekDay session, we were joined by Diana Melick, Account Manager of Datalogic, who shared some great insight into the latest in the transportation and logistics industry. Some key trends include:

● Android represents 67% market share for rugged handhelds, and is continuing to grow
● Security patches and OS updates are becoming more frequent
● Product life cycles are getting shorter, averaging around a three year refresh cycle
● Artificial intelligence is starting to be a popular choice for predictive shipping and route optimization

Each of these indicates an overall trend towards automation in logistics. Barcoding, Inc. and Datalogic work with customers to find automated solutions for any pain points at each step along the way, from the warehouse to the last-mile delivery process. For example, during the era of COVID-19, Datalogic has been supporting trends like grocery home delivery and e-commerce.

Android and Logistics
Merlick also noted that Android and migration are at the core of many of the current trends in transportation and logistics.

“We work very closely to make sure that we are on top of integrating the next generation types of solutions and devices that we make. We did our homework to join the Google Mobile Services Platform two years ago and we certainly are convinced that it is the future for Datalogic,” said Merlick.

Watch and Learn
View the full session below to learn more:

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