Sending off Dave Reba, 33 Spectacular Years in the AIDC Industry

After 33 years of hard work, dedication, and mischief in the AIDC industry, we are saddened but proud to announce the retirement of Dave Reba, Director, Labels & Printing Solutions.

Dave’s career in the AIDC industry started at UBI (United Barcode Industries, now Honeywell’s printer line), transitioned to MST, became a channel manager for LXE (Honeywell), and expanded his experience with a premier cold storage computer OEM. He was also Regional Vice President of Peak Technologies and led a sales team from Chicago to Minnesota. In 2008, he joined Sato America and successfully built out a label service bureau program that led to an acquisition by Echo Labs and was offered an opportunity to join their channel program for Sato Labeling Solutions. Finally, we were lucky enough to recruit his talent for Barcoding where he was a prominent figure in our kickoffs, executive forums, interviews, and many more events.

Of course, we will remember Dave for the phenomenal work he did by building a solid foundation in our labeling department, structuring an unbeatable team who worked tirelessly under his leadership, and most of all his friendship and mentorship to us all. We wish him many, many years of happiness and relaxation with his family. Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement and an extraordinary career, Dave!

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