RFID & The Internet of Things

How Your Supply Chain Can Leverage this Technology Now (Barcoding, Inc. and McLeod Williamson, Zebra Technologies)

The “Internet of Things” is more than an industry buzzword– it is a concept that is quickly becoming a reality. For supply chains in particular, the Internet of Things represents a new era of ubiquitous visibility in which everything is interconnected with unique identifiers. One of the key technologies enabling this “turbo visibility” and helping supply chains maximize efficiencies is radio frequency identification (RFID).

In a recent Supply Chain Digest videocast, Barcoding’s director of RFID, and Zebra Technologies’ RFID business development manager, McLeod Williamson, shared insights on “The Internet of Things: Where it’s Headed, and Practical Strategies for Leveraging RFID Right Now.”

Without a doubt, RFID is revolutionizing today’s supply chains, and shows no signs of a slowdown. In this videocast, our experts explained that as a technology in the Internet of Things, RFID provides real-time visibility, and therefore greater control throughout the extended supply chain. Whether tagging pallets or individual items, RFID technology collects data that provides actionable insight. This insight, in turn, helps companies eliminate logistics errors, measure dwell times, and respond faster to better serve customers. The result? Greater efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.

Now is the time for supply chains to look at RFID as a game changer in the midst of the Internet of Things. The technology has certainly matured over the past few years, as it boasts increased usability greater sensitivity, higher read accuracy, more choices, and lower costs.

Want to learn more? The full videocast is available on demand.

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