New Year, New Brand!

The new year marks our 21st year in business. Over the past 21 years, our business has evolved into so much more than barcodes—we are a solution provider.

We wanted our new brand to better reflect our evolution as a full solution provider, so we created a more modern take on the barcode that is representational of the building blocks needed throughout a supply chain.

Our new logo serves as a reminder that we are all built from the same individual parts, but must come together to build something for the world we serve.

barcoding new brand

What Does This Mean for You?
Everything you know and love about Barcoding will still be here for you. Our community of experts, our diverse range of technology, our process-loving supply chain geeks, and, of course, our barcodes, are not changing.

Our new brand is simply to better represent our full solution offerings, reminding our customers, partners, and stakeholders that we’re here for you, every step of the way.

What to Expect
Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out new collateral to better reflect our new brand. Best of all, we’ll be moving to a new location that will showcase our new brand, as well as provide a larger space to foster collaboration and improve customer service.

barcoding new brand - office

If you have any questions about our new brand, feel free to reach out to our VP of Marketing, Jody Costa.

Learn more and watch the video below to see our new brand come to life:

Update- 3/5/19
Our new brand has been so well received, we took a deeper dive into everything that was involved in creating it. Check out the infographic below, or read more from our Brand Manager, Jennifer Jericho, here.



Update- 4/3/19
Thanks to all of our hard work on the new brand, we earned a Bronze Indigo Award for Branding and Computer Animation! Learn more.

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