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New Pupdate! Get the Latest on SSD Atlas!

May 12, 2023
TOPIC: Announcements
2 min read
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It's time to check back in on SSD Atlas, one of the service dogs from Susquehanna Service Dogs that Barcoding is sponsoring. Spring means sports, and SSD Atlas has been an avid spectator at softball and soccer games, alongside his puppy raisers. These games give him a wonderful opportunity to practice his long down-stays and self-control made extra challenging because of the crowds, soccer balls, and softballs moving around. He has done a great job ignoring all the distractions.

When it comes to specific cues, Atlas is currently learning "place" and "fix." "Place" means that he sits between his puppy raiser’s legs. This cue also has a grounding effect. His future partner may use it to help keep them in the present moment. "Place" brings the dog closer to pet and provides closer contact with the dog. The beauty of this cue is that the general public just sees a person petting their dog rather than someone using a therapeutic tool.

SSD Atlas is a real pro at the cue "fix." This cue is used for the dog to untangle themselves from the leash. In the course of working, the leash can end up behind one or more of the dog’s legs, and in order for the dog to safely continue working or just walking, they need to untangle their legs from the leash. Since it’s not always possible for the dog’s partner to bend down to fix the leash themselves, the dog must learn to do it. On the cue "fix," SSD Atlas picks up his legs so the leash is in its normal position. He’s a natural!

Atlas’s puppy raisers are still doing renovations on their house, and he has been extremely calm through the entire process. This is a wonderful experience for him, giving him the opportunity to experience new sounds, smells, and people, as well as change. It’s all part of an assistance dog’s training to learn to easily handle new environments and situations.

Although he loves working, SSD Atlas also gets plenty of playtime. He has especially enjoyed getting to know the new Labrador retriever puppy that moved in with the new neighbors down the street. He also is a constant companion to his puppy raisers’ 14-year-old Yorkipoo. 

SSD Atlas 2

About Susquehanna Service Dogs 

Susquehanna Service Dogs is a program of Keystone Human Services and has been breeding, raising, training, and placing assistance dogs in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states since 1993. SSD is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International. 


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