Modern & Mobile Mondays: Navigating the Mobility Maze

Thanks for checking out the fourth installment of our series, “Modern & Mobile Mondays!” Every week we are sharing a new way to help your business stay connected and on-the-go. Today, we are excited to be featuring our partner Zebra Technologies. Learn more about our partnerships with Zebra here.

How do you find the right mobile technology?
Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020, just a few short weeks from now. This means that many businesses will have to change their workflow and consider new devices, operating systems, and more to continue running smoothly. With so many options to choose from, how do you navigate the “mobility maze”? Zebra and Barcoding can help! Android is the most popular choice of OS, favored by over 80% of smartphone users worldwide. Zebra Mobility DNA and Zebra Mx technology are the perfect partners to make the most out of the many benefits of Android.

There are many factors that might influence your choice of workplace mobility technology, depending on your particular needs. What is the standard environment your devices will face? Are users typically in a warehouse, outdoors in the snow, or at risk for drops? It is important to select devices that can withstand whatever physical conditions might present themselves. Of course, software conditions are important too. Speed of data capture, battery life and connectivity can vary between devices, so we can help you find the platform that meets your requirements. Price is an inevitable concern as well, like the initial cost of the devices, but set-up, maintenance, and repairs as well.

Contact us to find solutions that best suit your organization. Download the full mobility whitepaper here.

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