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5 Reasons To Do A Mobile Device Refresh Now

May 20, 2021
TOPIC: Hardware
3 min read
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Having outdated technology in the workplace can be very costly to an organization. The purpose of having the latest equipment is to save time and effort, reduce errors, and improve efficiency/speed; when the devices or software become somewhat obsolete, workers are forced to perform their own manual workarounds, meaning all the intended benefits of the technology are lost. Including the most important, which is satisfying customers.

And the problems you’ll face with outdated equipment compound the longer you hang on to it.

Let’s first take a look at the biggest reasons to refresh your devices; then we’ll talk a bit about what an mobile device management partner can do to simplify the process and ensure its success.

The Benefits of Doing A Device Refresh

Improved Productivity

Putting up-to-date equipment in place minimizes the risk of worker downtime and device failure often associated with older equipment. With the latest mobile devices in their hands, workers are faster, more efficient, and make fewer mistakes. And you avoid the cost of decreased productivity.

More Secure Data

Beyond the significant hit to productivity, outdated technology also introduces more risk of cyber attacks that can result from unsupported hardware. These can be extremely costly to an organization. In fact, the average cyber attack in the U.S. cost companies $8.19 million—plus the lost revenue due to downtime, eroded customer confidence, possible compliance issues and fines, potential damage to infrastructure, the added cost of managing exposed you can see, outdated equipment is a risk not worth taking.

Improved Reliability & Lower Cost In Use

New devices are almost always more energy efficient and reliable than their predecessor models, and feature the most up-to-date technologies (such as high bandwidth streaming) to support the increasing demands of today’s more sophisticated applications.

Reduced Stress on IT

Troubleshooting failing equipment is nearly impossible because device and software manufacturers will, at some point, refuse to service old assets. That means you’ll be handing that task to your IT team (in addition to everything else on their plates)—and you know how they’ll feel about that!

Greater Employee Satisfaction

New devices are designed with users in mind. Each model year, manufacturers are able to build more functionality into their devices, and optimize the user experience to be more straightforward and intuitive. Workers who find the device easier to use will be more satisfied with it and, as a result, more productive.

Working With An MDM Partner To Refresh Your Mobile Device Deployment

Despite all of these obvious upsides to doing a mobile device refresh, many organizations fear the process because it takes time and sparks fear about the potential lost productivity. If you do it right, though, the process can be simple and straightforward.

Working with an enterprise mobility expert to plan and execute the refresh will simplify the process, significantly reduce the time required from your team, and minimize disruption to the workforce. Some of the services Barcoding provides during a refresh project include:

  • Guiding you on the selection of new hardware. We’re product-agnostic, so we won’t push something on you that’s not best for your needs—we only recommend what’s going to get you where you need to go. You’ll also get credit for old mobile computers, and we’ll recycle them responsibly under environmental best practices through our Versatile Mobile Systems team
  • We can also bundle your new hardware with all services you need to be successful (migration to Android, deployment, mobile device management [MDM] and lifecycle management)
  • Get users up and running on Android—in minutes—using existing apps/Telnet (your existing telnet or web app interfaces will continue to interface with existing apps while you refresh devices, and all existing application connections and settings will be preserved during the move to Android)
  • Test and train. We test everything before putting devices into the hands of users, a step that eliminates glitches that can slow everything down. We train users until we’re sure that they’re comfortable using the devices...something that aids in adoption and ensures peak productivity

An enterprise mobility device refresh project may seem daunting to you, but it doesn’t have to be—and it’s better than the alternative, which is outdated equipment that could lead to financial and operational chaos. Our best advice is to partner with an experienced team that will apply their planning, procurement, and implementation skills to get your mobile device refresh project off the ground quickly—so you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

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