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4 Top Benefits of Managed Mobile Services

Jul 8, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
3 min read
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Organizations of all sizes know that to be competitive, they must continually work to optimize performance of their supply chains. Many of them are successfully leveraging the power of mobile device data capture to do exactly that.

Along with the many benefits of mobile device data capture, though, are some very real risks, the most concerning of which is device and network security. If devices–whether company-issued smartphones and tablets or those owned by individual employees (an approach called bring-you-own-device, or BYOD), businesses are vulnerable to a variety of security threats and other problems if those devices aren’t properly managed.

With cloud-based managed mobile services—and a knowledgeable partner—you’re relieved of the stress and responsibility of ensuring the security of your devices and network, and have peace of mind that you’re helping alleviate strain on IT, maintain compliance, and improve efficiency.

Ensures Security

Without a doubt, the most important value managed mobile services provides is the protection against security breaches that could compromise company data. IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report reports that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million globally, with that number ranging as high as $8.64 million depending on location, industry and other risks. Enterprise organizations with dozens or hundreds of devices (sometimes being used across multiple locations), are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that could affect not just the smartphone or tablet, but the company’s network as a whole.

With managed mobile services in place—and with the help of third-party experts who can deploy and manage the system– safeguards designed to stop hackers in their tracks can be applied across the system, then monitored 24/7 to ensure the safeguards are performing appropriately. Additionally, should a threat become evident, the system can be triggered to automatically respond with the right measures to stop the threat and mitigate any damage.

In a BYOD environment—one that opens the organization up to greater security concerns than one in which devices are issued by the company—security is even more critical, and more complicated; the mobile device management (MDM) tool has to be capable of applying the right solutions across many different mobile service providers and operating systems. Mobile device management software improves the likelihood that the devices and system won’t be compromised, using data encryption and containerization. With cloud-based managed mobile services, a provider like Barcoding can restrict the smartphone owner/user’s personal information from entering the company’s system, and encrypt other data so that even if hackers get through the partition between the two, they won’t be able to get through to the network.

Managed mobile services also offer these benefits:

  • Automatic updates. Regular updating is an absolute must for continued data protection, and with MDM software there’s no need to get devices physically in-hand in order to update them—it’s all done remotely
  • Remote device management. Managing the ongoing use of the device is important, too, and managed mobile services can be used to verify the user, disconnect the device, configure it to company specs, and clear it of data should it be required. This feature is especially important when you consider the number of lost or stolen devices.
  • Data wiping. In the event someone’s personal device is stolen or that person leaves the company, the MSP can use the software to remotely scrub all corporate data from the employee’s device
  • Automatic backups. All the data captured by the device is automatically and regularly backed up to the cloud, providing redundancy and an added layer of protection

Reduces Strain on IT Resources

Mobile device security updates, “quick” fixes, version patches, one’s IT department needs more work on its plate. With a mobile device management software in place, you automate and streamline a number of responsibilities that traditionally were assigned to IT, and make it simple to manage an entire fleet of devices—hundreds, even. The automation of many of the necessary tasks significantly reduces the time and effort burdens on your IT team, and allows them to focus on more mission-critical work.

Improves Efficiency

Managed mobile services actually improve workflow efficiency, too. A partner like Barcoding will help select (and customize, if necessary) the MDM software to ensure that it precisely aligns with your organization’s specific goals and needs, and enable you to assign work, manage your teams, and monitor all associated activities. You could say that, in this way, the devices act as a mini handheld manager, helping teams operate as effectively and efficiently as possible: roadblocks are removed, processes are articulated, and protocols are followed.

Maintains Compliance

Every industry and every company has its own unique set of standards and guidelines, many of which must be reported on—and it can be really difficult to make sure all devices are complying accurately; the need to comply gets more cumbersome the more devices a company has out there, too. With managed mobile services, though, all of your compliance initiatives can be tracked and monitored through a single dashboard.

Data capture using mobile devices has been a supply chain game-changer for many organizations, yet without proper management—and the insights and guidance of an expert—there could be as many costly issues as there are benefits. If you’re on the fence about making the investment, just consider the potential liability if you lost just one device, or think about the time your IT department is spending dealing with device issues, or about the potential fines for non-compliance.