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A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

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Ivanti Velocity: Telnet Migration

Apr 13, 2020
2 min read
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As legacy mobile operating systems approach end of support, Android is looking more and more like the operating system for your next-generation mobile computers. But Android is a complete platform change for your business, so speed-to-user-acceptance is key.

With Ivanti® Velocity, powered by Wavelink, you can bring your existing telnet apps to Android—starting in their existing “green screen” form—and then optimize, modernize, and voice-enable these apps in four easy steps. Your workers have time to adjust to new hardware, then gain a fully modernized user experience and workflows optimized to streamline their tasks.

Improve your perfect order rate and deliver to customers faster—all while minimizing the risk of operational disruptions to your business.

Download Ivanti's Data Sheet on Telnet Migration

IvantiTelnetMaintain Your Host System
Implementing Velocity retains your investment in your existing host system. The solution can interface with your warehouse management (WMS) or other supply chain management system, just like Ivanti Terminal Emulation has always done. There’s no need to modify or migrate your host system.

App Modernization Made Easy
Your workers carry mobile devices with bright, beautiful touchscreens. Velocity fully leverages those displays by taking the text-based information from your host system and converting it into an intuitive mobile experience that’s easy to navigate and use. Employ Velocity’s rapid modernization to configure and deploy contemporary telnet screens in minutes.

Increase Accuracy and Speed
The multi-touch experience of today’s personal devices is familiar to your workforce. Bringing that customary user experience to their enterprise mobile apps makes it easy for them to navigate task screens and enter data more quickly and accurately. With Velocity, you can even introduce content from external sources. For example, insert images into a picking task so that workers can visually match up parts with items listed in an order.

Optimize Task Workflows
Scripting lets you automate redundant tasks, add key macros, and more. You can also maximize screen real estate with custom keyboards—presenting workers with only the keys appropriate for populating the current data field. And powerful scan handling offers options to reduce keyed data entry.

Session Persistence
Prevent data loss and lost productivity in areas where network performance is questionable. Our Session Persistence Server safeguards against weak connections, and preserves session state through device reboots and battery swaps.

Voice-Enable Your Apps
Add text-to-speech and speech-to-text to your Velocity apps for the ultimate in worker productivity. Voice lets workers interact with your apps while keeping their hands free to pick product—and their eyes focused on navigating safely the environment around them. More than 30 languages are supported for your global supply chain deployments.

Minimize Risk in Your Android Migration
Deploy Android securely in retail and supply chain operations. Velocity makes it easy for you to hit your time and budget milestones in your next-generation mobile deployment. Plus, you could save millions of dollars in app migration costs by modernizing the telnet apps you already have.

You Set the Pace of Migration
Velocity is designed to roll out in stages, minimizing disruption. Deploy telnet apps on Android devices in their traditional “green screen” native mode while workers become accustomed to their new hardware (it’s as easy as pointing Velocity to your host IP address). Manage the optimization, modernization, and speech progression within a timeframe that fits with your business and user acceptance pace.

Break Free from Keyboard-based Devices
Velocity is a platform for deploying all your business apps across mobile hardware solutions. Your device form-factor options increase, allowing you to deploy the device type that best fits each mobile use-case in your organization.

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