Are iPads Right for Your Warehouse?

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t impressed with the design and function of the iPad on some level, but are these devices good platforms for warehouse management? Here is a look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of using iPads in a warehouse.

Better Ergonomics

iPads have big displays with high resolutions, so text is always easy to read. In addition, there is a pretty short learning curve as iPads operate very similarly to most people’s smartphones. This means it’s easy for warehouses to adopt.

Higher Performance

iPads outperform traditional RF guns when it comes to processing capability, and their iOS is extremely modern. In addition, the newer iPads boast the latest Wi-Fi standards, which means lightning-fast communication if your warehouse’s networking equipment allows it. All of this makes for a great user experience. Faster and more responsible applications lead to greater productivity for warehouse workers.

Expense Concerns

An iPad might appear cheaper than an RF gun on the surface, but it’s important to keep some perspective here: RF guns are far more rugged and were designed with industrial settings in mind. An iPad is far more prone to damage, so warehouses can expect to need to buy more of them. Accessories should also enter the equation when considering the cost; Bluetooth barcode scanners and other accessories can quickly bring the cost of the solution as a whole up to the levels of integrated RF devices. Be sure to factor in the cost of cases, too; a sturdy case will be needed to protect your iPad investment, and these tend to be expensive.


Even if you’re in one of those scenarios where iPads do appear to be a cost-effective route, you need to ensure that your warehouse management software has an application that will be able to run on them. Because applications on iPads must go through a process of review and approval by Apple, getting your own custom modifications to apps can be a big burden for your WMS vendor. There’s also the fact that iOS is regularly updated to keep in mind; new updates are nice, but they also mean that applications can stop working unless they, too, are updated.

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This blog post was based off of an article from Archon Interactive. View the original here.

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