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Interview with Barcoding CTO Martin Jack & Honeywell OI

Aug 24, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
4 min read
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Martin Jack, CTO of Barcoding, Inc., and Tim Jackson, Offering Manager of Honeywell, chat about the integration of BOS (Barcoding Online Services) with Honeywell tools, behind the scenes of how Barcoding determines the right Honeywell solutions for our clients, and why you should be excited about this partnership. Feel free to watch the video or read the transcript below!


Tim Jackson [00:16]

I just wanted to provide a quick overview of why we're here today I have the privilege of talking to Martin jack, who is the CTO of Barcoding. You know, my name is Tim Jackson. I'm the Offering Manager for Software at Honeywell. And I'm super excited to kind of talk through our recent project and, and what we've done together. And just kind of run through a few questions here with Martin. So, Martin, why don't you introduce yourself to the group on the call here?

Martin Jack [00:49]

Sure. Hi, Tim. My name is Martin Jack. I'm the Chief Technology Officer for Barcoding Incorporated. I've been with Barcoding for the last 14 years. And I lead a team of internal software engineers and testers, building solution platforms for our clients and Barcoding as well.

Tim Jackson [01:09]

Awesome. Excellent. So, one of the things that we've been working on together is an integration into your BOS platform and the types of technology that we're bringing into that can you kind of describe what that is so that everybody understands, you know, what you guys are offering and, and the types of services you're providing customers with it?

Martin Jack [01:31]

Definitely. So, Barcoding Online Services is Barcoding’s platform for full life-cycle management of assets, from procurement all the way to end of life. Our deployment and run services, which we call GoLive Services, and StayLive Services are utilizing BOS.

So, Tim, additionally, our clients and staff utilize BOS for full repair and service contract management across multiple OEMs, including all of Honeywell's devices.

Tim Jackson [02:04]

Oh, awesome, awesome. So, what attracted you or what interested in you and potential integration with some of our tools within operational intelligence?

Martin Jack [02:15]

Let me start by saying we help clients be more efficient, accurate, and connected. That is where Operational Intelligence came in. So, using Operational Intelligence, our clients get more detailed information about their devices, they can manage software deployments, they can troubleshoot devices. But there was one essential requirement that we will hear from our clients. They wanted to work in one system. Well, at least they felt as though they wanted to work in one system. So, we worked with the Honeywell team. And we worked closely together to integrate these two platforms, giving the customer a seamless experience.

Tim Jackson [02:59]

What is, you know, at a high level not to get too technical, but what does that integration look like? And how is that manifesting?

Martin Jack [03:08]

The simple answer is, we have a set of APIs that are exposed through BOS to Operational Intelligence and we integrate, right? That's the easy, simple answer. But I want to take a step back and talk about what led to that. Every conversation at Barcoding begins with process, people, and technology, PPT. That is the approach we took with this project. So, we worked with Honeywell, and we looked at the process, we looked at the people and then we focused on the technology.

To take a step back, if you were to walk through this process now when a customer now logs into BOS, they have the ability to see live data points from the devices in Operational Intelligence. Another customer within the same company may want to dive further in so that customer or that person can then click on what we call a deep link and launch directly to Operational Intelligence. Then they can do more diagnostics; they can remote control, they can download and install software updates, and they can manage firmware, etc.

Tim Jackson [04:25]

I think you hinted at it earlier, when you said you know that the big key requirement is a fully integrated experience. But what do you feel is that in your opinion, the full value that customers now have with our joint integrated solution, or is there something more that we can give them now?

Martin Jack [04:43]

Yeah, well, certainly, the clients certainly want a single sign-on experience. They want to be able to log into one system, which is what we allow today. Today, BOS acts as what we call an identity provider. So, the customer uses the last credentials to log into both systems. But bringing the two systems together, we now have an extended life-cycle management of the devices.

With Barcoding Online Services, the customers traditionally get asset visibility, repair management service, contract management, and full life-cycle. Now we have extended that out to the technical team as well. They can now see the data points on the devices; they can see software updates, etc.

Now you have multiple departments from within one company, operations, sales, and IT, all using one platform. At least it seems like it's one platform. It's the two platforms working together.

Tim Jackson [05:50]

Yeah, absolutely. Look forward to some of the great things that we're going to do together in the future.

And hopefully, for any partners watching, we're able to understand kind of what we're trying to accomplish as the technology partner of choice and bringing our solutions to the market together. So really appreciate it, Martin, and thank you very much.

Martin Jack [06:13]

You're welcome. Thank you for having me.

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