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IntelliTrack Asset Tracking System Capabilities: Q1 Updates

Mar 29, 2022
TOPIC: Technology
2 min read
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Barcoding’s Marketing VP Jody Costa and Principal Software Engineer Jack Nosek recently took a few moments to review customer feedback on the IntelliTrack® asset tracking platform, as well as coming updates and what they mean for users.

In case you missed it, IntelliTrack’s next-gen capabilities went live in January 2022, enabling organizations to improve their tracking and management of enterprise assets and inventory in real time, on one platform, including:

  • IT and hardware assets
  • Fixed assets and equipment
  • Rotational assets
  • Consumable inventory

IntelliTrack is designed to integrate the data into other business systems and applications to help organizations achieve new efficiencies, greater confidence in enterprise data and processes, and better resource allocation.

So, what’s coming up for IntelliTrack in the Q1 2022 Release?

Customers Appreciate the Interface and User Experience

Jack said the team’s received a lot of valuable feedback on IntelliTrack’s simple, intuitive interface and dashboards. Users appreciate how the platform combines traditional inventory and asset tracking with Barcoding’s experienced approach to IT inventory management. And it’s now all rolled into one cohesive user experience.

Open API Update: Coming Soon to Third Party Developers

IntelliTrack’s open APIs will soon become accessible for third parties, making it easier than ever to develop integrations for the systems and applications customers need. IntelliTrack is made to be user-friendly for developers and transparent for users.

That’s in addition to pre-built integrations that connect the platform with industry-leading OEMs—so it’s easy to connect your data to every system where you need it to work. And if your enterprise needs professional services to assist with integrations, Barcoding is here for it!

Sneak Peek: What’s In the Q1 2022 Release

Users can look forward to architectural security enhancements around multifactor authentication, single sign-on, and other security-related features that help ensure IntelliTrack enterprise customers can use security best practices to protect data, infrastructure, and users.

We’re especially excited to announce that the IntelliTrack mobile app will be available in Q2 on the Google Play app store—with mobile-centric workflows using the power of integrated barcode scanners. That makes the platform even more valuable for the mobile-centric user.

Plus, as new workflows are developed, even more easy-to-use dashboards are being added, to quickly and easily deliver data and insights to users. Workflows are expanding even further into inventory tracking and management, maintenance and repair, and enhancements that deliver even greater efficiency insights focused on consumables inventory—the data that keeps your everyday operations running smoothly.

Technical release notes will be published for IntelliTrack users only. Reach out to Barcoding if you’d like more information.

We’re putting every nugget of good information we’ve learned into this system, and it’s really shining—it’s really starting to show—and we’re only at the Q1 release!
—Jack Nosek, Principal Software Engineer, Barcoding

It’s a perfect time to get involved with Barcoding and the IntelliTrack platform—and you can get the details straight from Jody and Jack in this short video.

You can also discover wide-ranging opportunities across your enterprise to better manage inventory and assets, and put data to work for your organization in IT, operations, finance, procurement, and more when you download our IntelliTrack Use Case Bundle. Click below to claim your copy today.


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