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A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

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Barcoding, Inc. is a premier partner with the best manufacturers and software providers in the automated data capture, mobility, and supply chain spaces. Because of our strong relationships, our clients have access to high-level resources at our partners’ organizations—from the executive teams to sales, engineers, and support.


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Inspiring Inclusion: Women Shaping Barcoding's Future | IWD 2024

Mar 5, 2024
TOPIC: Announcements
5 min read
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International Women's Day 2024 will be observed on Thursday, March 8th. IWD is the global day of celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Barcoding is celebrating some of our most inspiring and hardworking women!

International Women’s Day was launched in 1911 by “New Women” and their fellow suffragettes. Today, International Women’s Day commemorates the agency of women and their socioeconomic, sociopolitical, cultural, academic, and legal achievements. IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere.

The theme for this year’s IWD is #InspireInclusion. To inspire inclusion means to celebrate diversity and empowerment on International Women's Day and beyond. When we inspire others to understand and value women's inclusion, we forge a better world. And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there's a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment. Collectively, let's forge a more inclusive world for women.

This year's campaign theme underscores the crucial role of inclusion in achieving gender equality. It calls for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected.

Are you in? Will you inspire inclusion? Strike the #InspireInclusion pose to show solidarity. When we truly value difference, inclusion comes from the heart. Inspire others to help forge an inclusive world by sharing your #InspireInclusion image across social media using #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion. Get to know some incredibly strong women here at Barcoding, Inc. and Barcoding-Canada.


Sheri McKenzie,
Label & Printing Specialist

Describe your job and role at Barcoding.
Label GeekI am here at Barcoding helping our end users to realize the ideas that they have to make their companies run more efficiently and more smoothly in the future. Every day I interact with people across a broad spectrum of industries to help them solve their most important challenges. I always find it interesting that without a label, things cannot go out but it is usually the last thing that someone thinks of until they need them in a mission-critical way. I love what I do, and every day brings some new challenges to solve.

Who is your biggest female role model and why?
My biggest female role model would have to be my mother and RGB. My mother raised me to be a smart, empathetic, and intelligent human being who is always there to help others when possible while taking care of her family. RGB because she was a trailblazer in her time, and fought for the equal treatment of all people and for the rights of women.

How have you supported other women in their careers?
I have personally mentored several young people in their careers and also in their personal lives. One of them, is my son’s partner, Sabrina who is non-binary and identifies as they/them. They were floundering at the job that they were at, and over time we discussed how to improve the current situation while also looking for a career that could set them up for success in the long term. I helped them to update their resume and also coached them on interviews to be better prepared. I am happy to say that they are currently in a job that is very fulfilling to them and provides a good work-life balance.


Brenda Mikesell,
National Account Manager

Describe your job and role at Barcoding.
My role at Barcoding is a National Account Manager. What I love about my role is that I get to help companies find the right solution to a problem or help make a process better. It is very rewarding to bring a new solution or technology to clients who may not have thought about a particular solution. I say that my customers are my employer, and I never want to lose sight of that.

Who is your biggest female role model and why?
My biggest female role model is my Mother. I saw her take life’s hardships and make the very best of situations, including her career. She was a farm girl from east Tennessee and came to Washington, DC after high school, got a job with the Federal Government, and became the CHAMPUS (Civil Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services) Coordinator at Andrew Rader Clinic at Fort Meyers, VA. She worked all her life serving others, helping them navigate health care in and out of military bases, all without a college education. She didn’t let a lack of education stop her; she just did the very best with the opportunities that were in front of her.

How have you supported other women in their careers?
When I think of supporting other women in their careers, I try to always think of a kind word, a personal word to say to them. Women especially want to feel valued and heard. Their voice matters. Inclusion includes people of different genders and colors working together for a common goal. It’s actually best that all the people in the room don’t look like each other as you will get different points of view and truly develop something special and unique so that everyone can feel that they have had a part in the success. That is what inclusion looks like to me.


Iris Huang,
Marketing Coordinator

Describe your job and role at Barcoding-Canada.
Marketing Coordinator and emotional support Canadian. I ensure that our team and partner community have everything they need to shine in projects and campaigns.

Who is your biggest female role model and why?
A few years ago, I highlighted my mother (she's awesome) and this year I want to introduce our readers to my grandmother-in-law, Ruby Homer. The reason why she's one of my biggest role models is because this woman is an unmovable force who had weathered some of life's biggest storms, including cancer, but remained a pillar of strength to her family. She made everyone feel at home and was a "nanny" to all who came into her house. Ruby Homer is truly an inspiration, and we miss her dearly every day.

How have you supported other women in their careers?
The women in the Barcoding universe are fierce and tenacious. It is an honor every day I come online and be able to help them in any way that I can. Whatever they need, they only need to send a message or gif.


Barcoding aspires to celebrate and commemorate all women this International Women’s Day. Through our active efforts and our leaders, we pursue equity and justice for all women. Collectively we can all #InspireInclusion. Check out our blog posts from 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 about our remarkable women at Barcoding!

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