Increase Productivity with IMPACT 2D Robot Guidance – Video of the Week

Today’s Video
Another Thursday, another new video! Today, we are sharing a Video of the Week, featuring updates on the latest in the supply chain industry from us and our partners. If you missed last week’s video and post, you can find them here. Today, we are sharing a video from Datalogic. Keep reading to learn more!

IMPACT Guides the Way
Datalogic’s IMPACT 2D Robot Guidance for Universal Robots is a software platform with tools that run on Smart Cameras or Industrial Vision Processors that can help your business with inspections and much more. Datalogic combines the power of cameras and inspection software so that robot guidance is a breeze. Automation helps increase productivity, as operators are able to work in conjunction with the technology to get the job done faster.

Plus, it’s easy to install! Once you set the pick point and calibrate the system, the robot guidance application can bring flexibility and efficiency to your organization. With over 100 vision tools, this system is a fast and reliable way to interface UR Cobots and Datalogic cameras.

Watch and Learn
Watch the full video below to see robots with IMPACT guidance in action:

Learn More
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