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A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

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Barcoding, Inc. is a premier partner with the best manufacturers and software providers in the automated data capture, mobility, and supply chain spaces. Because of our strong relationships, our clients have access to high-level resources at our partners’ organizations—from the executive teams to sales, engineers, and support.


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How PreLive, GoLive & StayLive Services Unlock Your Growth Potential

Jun 8, 2023
TOPIC: Services
4 min read
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Change is rarely easy, and that includes introducing and integrating new technologies into existing business or industrial processes. Selecting, integrating, and securing the best hardware and software can be daunting. Plus, it’s tough to know exactly how much support your teams will need through implementation—and beyond. And everything gets more complicated when resources, time, or expertise are limited. (And when aren’t they?)

No pressure, but success is your only option. So, say you lead a robust enterprise IT department and you just need a few extra hands to configure a few thousand devices to your specifications. Or maybe you’re not even in IT, and you need a partner to guide your transformation from pen-and-paper to a mobile device-based system. Where should you begin?

Start with Barcoding’s PreLive Services. We developed PreLive Services™, GoLive Services™, and StayLive Services™ to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they need from our partnership, right from the start. We’ve built a consultative sales and service process based on our experience with complexity in business and industrial technologies and processes—and our care for every customer’s unique needs.

So let’s take a closer look at how our PreLive, GoLive, and StayLive ecosystem of services works in practice.

PreLive Services: Our Deep Dive Into Your Current State & Goals

What others might call a “sales process,” we call PreLive Services—because we’re serving you as a Barcoding customer from day one, well before we expect a commitment to purchase or a service agreement.

PreLive is our methodical, in-depth approach to understanding your current state and goals—not just for your project, but for your organization. It enables our experts to identify exactly the value you need from the Barcoding team, select the best solutions to optimize your return on investment, and support your processes well into the future. It’s during PreLive that our integrations experts often uncover obstacles, areas for improvement, or added ROI opportunities that your team might not have seen.

Your business’s structure, objectives, and ways of working all get consideration as we tailor the solution to meet your needs, no matter how simple or complex they are. This can involve site visits, conversations with end users and other stakeholders, process and workflow reviews, and conversations about your growth goals to develop the most efficient and cost-effective path for your business to scale.

And it’s all built on two-way conversations. Your Barcoding representative collaborates with you and our dedicated subject matter experts to recommend solutions, and listens closely to your feedback to refine your project plan. No matter the level of complexity or support required, our experts engage in this learning process to deliver the most effective solution we can.

By the end of PreLive, together we’ll have built out a mutual understanding of your needs and clear expectations of what comes next. It’s our goal to eliminate ambiguity about project scope, budget, timeline, and the resources needed on your end and ours.

Coordinate & Control Implementation with GoLive Services

Thanks to the groundwork laid during PreLive, your GoLive Services have been meticulously planned, and your Barcoding project manager and team of SMEs are ready to roll. Device rollout and solution implementation have been evaluated and designed to guarantee a seamless transition and an outcome aligned with your business needs.

With extensive experience in integrations, our teams thrive on the challenge of complexity and have the skill sets to handle even the most demanding projects. Whether you're making a "simple" hardware purchase or transitioning to new technology and integrating it with your existing processes, you can expect a confident, hassle-free experience without disruption to your business.

A trouble-free experience for every stakeholder is the goal, regardless of project scope.

StayLive Services Deliver Customized Support, as Long as You Need It

When we talk about StayLive Services at Barcoding, we promise tailored support for your team, for as long as you need it. It starts with your access to IntelliTrack®, our intuitive, customizable software solution designed to track and manage Returned Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs), repair management, service contracts, and assets. By optimizing your use of IntelliTrack, your team can continue uncovering efficiency opportunities and optimizing the value of your investment well into the future.

Your StayLive Services support experience can be as structured and robust as you need. We can help train users and provide service desk support, up to and including 24/7 emergency response, if that’s what your team needs to maintain the performance and reliability of your systems.

Comprehensive support services can also extend to security patching and operating system update management, and even participating directly in your enterprise ticketing system. StayLive Services encompass whatever it takes to provide seamless, integrated operation with minimal disruption.

Our flexibility in terms of involvement means you don’t pay for support you don’t need, and you can trust our team to help you mitigate risk to your department and your business.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Correctly selected, configured, installed, tested, and deployed solutions run better from the start, and with PreLive Services, GoLive Services, and StayLive Services, you can confidently migrate data, train users, and document processes for a successful launch that supports operational excellence and business growth.

Monitoring, managing, and maintaining solutions once they’re deployed keeps your business secure and ensures an excellent experience for every employee. And help desk support, repair services, security updates, and timely device refreshes keep enterprise operations running optimally. In fact, here’s a little recommended reading to learn more about how you can do more to put your business’s operational data to work for you. Click here below to download our free guide.


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