Get the Inside Scoop on the Rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2

In a recent webcast, we sat down with Samsung to learn more about their fully integrated mobile solutions. Samsung offers customized solutions that create a competitive advantage to go along with these ever changing market trends.

Changing Market Trends

Employees are becoming increasing mobile and not working in a typical work environment. 50-60% of the time, employees are not at their desk (globally). This means that the number of workers using a mobile computing device is increasing significantly. A few years ago, the focus on providing technology was on knowledge workers. Now, the focus goes beyond that. Digital transformation is bringing the entire employee base with it.

There is also an increased interest in customized solutions, a specialty for Samsung. In fact, 66% of IT Executives said they will invest is custom software solutions in the next five years.

These market trends are being driven by six key technologies. Mobile, Cloud, AI, 5G, IoT and AR/VR. The first and most important step in the change to digital is mobile. Mobile is the building block that will allow a business to transition into other technologies like Cloud and AR/VR. Samsung finds out where their customers are at on their digital transformation journey and then creates a solution to help them get on the right trajectory, in order to take advantage of what these technologies offer.

Samsung’s Approach

As the number of employees with mobile computing devices increases, Samsung focuses on providing the right device, to the right user, at the right time. Defense-grade mobile security solutions allow Samsung to keep these devices secure, but it’s not all about the device. Providing customized services and solutions is the best way to ensure that a business achieve productivity, efficiently and customer engagement goals.

One recent solution that Samsung created is The Galaxy Tab Active2. It’s a tough, dependable tool that is able to withstand harsh workplace environments. Digital and mobile workflow goes beyond the office, and into the hands of everyday employees with the Galaxy Tab Active2.

Paperless Workplace

Having mobile applications that allow for a more efficient workplace is important, but certain fields need a tablet that can withstand tough workplace environments. The Galaxy Tab Active2 can help create a paperless environment in many fields including ELD, logistics, Mobile Associate Workflow, Factor Floor and Field Service.

Logistics/transportation companies, as well as field service workers, are interested in bringing a ruggedized device into their trucks in order to do things such as turn-by-turn navigation and redirected dispatched routes in real-time. It can also be used to assist in scheduling, estimates and customer engagement.

The Galaxy Tab Active2 can assist Factory workers in maintenance, repair, overhaul and Factory Process Automation. Currently, it’s a paper-based process that is becoming digitalized. Once digitalized, Augmented Reality can play a large role in Factor settings. It will allow you to visualize what you should be seeing, what needs to be repaired and how to repair it. Bringing a tablet into those harsh working environments will allow for more productivity and faster training processes.

Designed for Different

Not disrupting everyday workflow was one of the main factors taken into consideration when designing the Galaxy Tab Active2. Employees who work in the field often wear gloves. That’s why each Galaxy Tab Active2 comes with an S-Pen. The S-Pen is a water-resistant stylus that is thick and easy to handle. The S-Pen also allows you to transition to a digital workplace without giving up the benefits of using paper (signing documents and annotating information).

The Galaxy Tab Active2 also comes with Enhanced Touch. You can turn the Enhanced Touch on to increase the sensitivity of your device to allow you to use your tablet with work gloves on.

The Galaxy Tab Active 2 was created to be strong and dependable. It is MIL-STD810G certified. That means it passed 21 of their rigorous tests including drop, altitude, shock, dust, humidity, fog and operating temperature. It’s also dust and water-resistant. The Galaxy Tab Active2 can withstand 30 minutes of being submerged in water up to five feet deep.

Another design feature included with the Galaxy Tab Active2 is the POGO Pin. This allows workers to simply place their device on a charging port when they are finished for the day and the device will automatically charge and transfer any data needed.

Watch the webcast below to learn more about the Galaxy Tab Active2, or contact us!

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