#GeekTankTuesday: “Deployment Finance Strategies for Mobile Computers”

Happy Tuesday! Today, we are sharing another installment of Geek Tank Tuesdays, looking back at our Android in the Enterprise workshop series and sharing interviews between our #SupplyChainGeeks. If you missed last week’s post, you can check it out here. Keep reading for more and stay tuned for next week’s post about maximizing your mobile investment!

This Week’s Speakers
This interview is called “Deployment Finance Strategies for Mobile Computers.” Our featured speakers are Barcoding, Inc. team members Greg Henry, Vice President of Client Services, Dan Perlak, Vice President of Operations, Andrew Lynch, President of Versatile Mobile Systems and Brooks Schuler, Vice President of Finance.

Finding the Deployment Strategy For You
New applications, new support tools, system modifications: when devices reach their end-of-life, it can take a lot of time and effort to keep your essential technology running as it needs to. However, there are several strategies to help you stay afloat. One option is the “rip and replace” method, replacing all old devices with new ones. This is helpful because it is a one-time change that can limit confusion—however, it requires a lot of training. Another choice is to do a more gradual switch over time. The drawback to this method is that it results in a mix of devices across your organization, but it does allow for a more user-friendly adaptation.

Both of these options can be quite costly, and so Barcoding’s OnePay program is a great alternative that allows you to have a more flexible transition. By leasing your devices, your organization can spread out payments over time, and even combine it with software and data payments. As Brooks notes, “the nice thing is that it allows our customers a lot of flexible options as far as how they’re going to purchase or acquire their new equipment.”

Learn more about our OnePay services here.

Still Curious?
Contact us for all of your mobile computing needs. To learn more about finding the best deployment strategy for your organization, read the full transcript from this interview and the rest of the series here.

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