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A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

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Barcoding, Inc. is a premier partner with the best manufacturers and software providers in the automated data capture, mobility, and supply chain spaces. Because of our strong relationships, our clients have access to high-level resources at our partners’ organizations—from the executive teams to sales, engineers, and support.


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Enterprise Mobile Computers: Leading-Edge Mobility for a Competitive Edge

Jul 9, 2019
TOPIC: Technology
11 min read
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More People Trust Zebra Mobile Computers for Enterprise than Any Other Manufacturer in the World.

For nearly 50 years, we have been the unmatched global market leader in rugged mobility. Decade after decade, we’ve been committed in the long run to providing you with the best in enterprise technology. Zebra mobile computers are the culmination of billions of dollars invested in R&D and more than 4,200 patents, amassing dozens of industry awards for innovation in the last three years alone. The fact is that more organizations trust Zebra than any other manufacturer in the world, including nearly every Fortune 500 company.

We are at the forefront of the Android revolution, the future of enterprise mobility. From day one, we’ve been championing the migration of the enterprise mobility sector from legacy Windows® operating systems to Android. With the largest and fastest expanding portfolio in the entire market, we have the right commercial Android solution to fit your specific application.

We deliver features and benefits no one else can. Using decades of innovation, we design and optimize every mobile computer for real-world usability and harsh environments. And we back Zebra mobile computers with a powerful and exclusive suite of intelligent software, apps and utilities—Mobility DNA. With such expansive capabilities, Mobility DNA boosts productivity, smooths integration, simplifies and secures management and accelerates app development.

When it comes to mobility, no one can push your performance edge like Zebra.

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A Performance Edge for Any Environment.

Wherever work takes you, perform your best. True mobility is designed specifically for your environment, applications and challenges—whether inside your four walls or outside in the harsh elements. Here’s how Zebra can give your business the performance edge for your industry.

Transportation and Logistics
Deliver non-stop service from the first mile to the last.

  • Cross-docking and stocking
  • Picking and packing
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Put-away
  • Inventory management
  • Proof of delivery
  • Airline operations
  • Reverse logistics

Ratchet up productivity from the plant floor to the front door.

  • Traceability
  • Quality assurance
  • Asset and facility management
  • Picking/shipping
  • Proof of pickup and delivery
  • Fleet management
  • Direct store delivery
  • Cross-docking

Strengthen patient safety with accuracy from admissions to discharge.

  • Medical administration
  • Blood transfusion
  • Healthcare communication
  • Specimen collection
  • Laboratory/pharmacy management

Retail and Hospitality
Give customers an experience that keeps them coming back.

  • Click and collect
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile point of sale
  • Staff enablement and communication
  • Kiosks

Improve services and safety with intelligent mobility.

  • E-citation
  • Human services
  • Identity management
  • Code inspections
  • Asset management


Mobile Computers Are a Start. But a Complete Enterprise Solution Should Go End-to-End.

Look beyond mobile computers. Consider multi-tasking tablets, accurate scanners and steadfast printers that integrate easily, pair instantly and talk freely to one another. That’s how you can make management, usage and sharing of critical information much more effective and impactful.

What makes Zebra’s edge-to-edge portfolio different? Each device is strong alone. Yet together, they’ll make your workers unstoppable.

Mobility DNA

With Mobile Intelligence, Performance is Touch ... and GO.

Without embedded intelligence, mobile computers are more stop than go. Zebra’s Mobility DNA not only empowers workers, but also meets the needs of IT with the industry’s most evolved and extensive suite of software. And as your needs evolve, so too does Mobility DNA.

Management Tools
Simplify management via centralized tools and fortified security.


  • Deepens control and visibility
  • Optimizes uptime
  • Accelerates troubleshooting
  • Offers government-grade encryption
  • Locks apps

Productivity Tools
Get the most out of every minute.

  • Makes jobs easier
  • Completes tasks faster
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Sidesteps downtime

Business Tools
Optimize the way enterprise workers communicate and work.

  • Increases collaboration with instant communication
  • Maximizes every minute with smarter workflows

Development Tools
Effortlessly develop and integrate applications into mobile devices.

  • Migrates operating systems smoothly
  • Expedites deployments Writes off risks, errors and delays

Protection and Peace of Mind
Extend the life cycle of Android™ enterprise mobile computers. Get aggressive, predictable, security patch updates.

LifeGuard™ for Android

  • Adds up to 10 years of OS security support
  • Matches the enterprise hardware life cycle
  • Significantly lowers total cost of ownership
  • Simplifies management and remote updates


Zebra Handheld Computers


TC8000 Touch Computer
Increase Worker Productivity by 14%*

Gain an extra hour of productivity with the revolutionary device that eliminates the need to tilt and verify every scan. Up to 33% lighter than traditional models, it also reduces muscle fatigue.

Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Mobility DNA

MC9200 Mobile Computer
Made for the Most Demanding Jobs

Go to the extreme with this best seller. Work in subzero cold, searing heat, rain and dust with the most resilient handheld that is built tough. It delivers rapid-fire scanning—60% closer and 35% farther than the competition—and comes in gun and brick form factors.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Mobility DNA

MC3300 Mobile Computer
Easy, Advanced Android™ Mobile Computing

Meet the latest improvement on the successful MC3000 Series. The MC3300 provides the longest scanning range, high-end mobile computing features and versatile options at competitive prices in three convenient form factors—gun, turret and brick.

Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Mobility DNA


MC3200 Mobile Computer
One of the Most Popular Mobile Computers

Complete inventory tasks in seconds with the tough, lightweight and cost-effective workhorse. Built on the popular MC3000 Series, the MC3200 comes in three form factors—brick, gun and turret.

Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Mobility DNA


TC72 / TC77 Series Touch Computers
The Ultimate Ultra-Rugged Enterprise All-Touch Computing

These touch computers build on the highly successful TC7x Series to create the ultimate, ultra-rugged, all-touch computer for all workers inside and outside the four walls. They operate on a new platform that offers more capabilities than any other device in this class.

Retail | Manufacturing | Transportation & Logistics | Warehouse | Mobility DNA

Versatility and Velocity Go Hand in Hand.
So smart, these multi-taskers speed up work. And a familiar interface is one you’ll immediately recognize and know how to use. But unlike consumer devices, they won’t fail you. They are made for work—tough-as-nails and ultra-secure.


TC70x / TC75x Series Mobile Computers
Your Front Line to a Smarter Enterprise

A rugged design for reliable everyday operation in the most demanding environments, the TC70x / TC75x Touch Computers give you the Android operating system with everything you need to streamline your workflows and maximize your return on investment—from world-class voice and data features to snap-on accessories that let you add new capabilities, when and where you need them.

Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Transportation & Logistics | Mobility DNA

TC52 / TC57 Series Touch Computers
Rugged and Ready

These touch computers build on the highly successful TC5x Series, adding a new platform and new capabilities to deliver the ultimate in enterprise-class touch computing.

Retail | Warehouse | Transportation & Logistics | Manufacturing | Mobility DNA

TC51 / TC56 Series Touch Computers
Beauty, Brawn and Brains—Everything Workers Want, Everything Business Needs

Don’t compromise device design for enterprise functionality—or enterprise functionality for device design. With a rugged industrial design that looks and feels like the most popular pocketable consumer-style smartphones, along with the Zebra-only enterprise-class features, power, security and manageability, the TC51 and TC56 are touch computers that are truly in a class of their own.

Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Transportation & Logistics | Healthcare | Mobility DNA


TC20 / TC25 Mobile Computers
Big Performance for Small Businesses

Take inventory at record speeds. Get instant answers without leaving your customers. Never run out of power again. Zero training needed to use these hardworking, smart business tools designed for
small business.

Retail | Warehouse | Hospitality | Transportation & Logistics | Mobility DNA  


PS20 Personal Shopper
Give Shoppers the Ultimate Personalized Shopping Experience

The next evolution of the MC18, the PS20 delivers revolutionary locationing, hands-free scanning and customer assistance for frictionless checkout. The same powerful device can be used by your store associates to increase productivity.

Retail | Mobility DNA

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Zebra Wearable Computers

Mobility You Can Comfortably Wear … Anywhere.

The rush is on. Free up workers to handle more. Watch how productivity skyrockets and accuracy surges. Hands down, these are the best hands-free solutions.

Wearable computers

WT6000 Wearable Computer
Hands-Free Mobility That Won’t Wear Out Workers

Work comfortably all day long with the light, compact WT6000. Softkeys simplify complex processes, and the hard exterior withstands punishing environments. Inside, intelligence eases device security,
management and app migration.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Mobility DNA

RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Scan Faster and 4X Farther

Lightning-fast capture of virtually any 1D or 2D barcode is enabled by powerful PRZM Intelligent
Imaging technology. With this small scanner, it happens as fast your workers can press the trigger—even when items are in motion. It’s Zebra’s most advanced rugged Bluetooth ring scanner.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse


RS5000 1D / 2D Corded Ring Scanner
Maximize Every Minute and Dollar

Keep delays and expense at arm’s length. The cost-effective 1D/2D scanner captures virtually any barcode at blazing fast speeds, regardless of its condition. Lightweight, it will leave workers comfortable and free to juggle more tasks.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse

RS4000 Corded Ring Scanner

Flawless Fulfillment at Your Fingertips

Put an end to the stop-and-start steps that kill productivity. This small, lightweight 1D ring scanner keeps workers’ eyes up and hands free to handle orders.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse


HS3100 / HS2100 Headsets
The Sound Choice for a Superior Voice Experience

It’s full speed ahead with crisp, clear audio, consumer styling and a feather-light form factor. Choose between the HS3100 Bluetooth® and HS2100 corded designs. Both are loaded with features for the most demanding environments.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Warehouse

Zebra Enterprise Tablets

Business Tablets Built for a Hard Day’s Work.

There’s no request these enterprise tablets can’t handle. Price checks. Inventory lookup. Mobile checkout. Pre-trip checklist. Real-time route updates. Proof of delivery. Every feature and form factor was made to expedite your everyday tasks. Inside the four walls and outside in the harshest elements.

L10 Rugged Tablet Platformenterprisetablets1
Versatility meets Ruggedness

The latest Zebra L10 fully rugged and extremely versatile platform is all about choice. A variety of tablet configurations and a shared accessory ecosystem providing blazing fast, powerful performance simply redefines the concept of tablet.

Manufacturing | Warehouse | Transportation & Logistics | Healthcare

ET50 / ET55 Enterprise Tablets

Multiple Options; Countless Applications

No need to choose looks over functionality. Get both with the amazingly versatile ET50 and ET55 tablets that offer the most accessories for countless applications inside the four walls or out in the field.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing | Mobility DNA

XSLATE R12 Rugged Tabletenterprisetablets2
Large Screen, yet Lightweight

A highly adaptable enterprise-grade 2-in-1 Windows PC platform that accommodates the working styles and aesthetic preferences of your mobile workers in mixed environments.

Transportation & Logistics | Retail | Manufacturing


Zebra Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Propel the Pace from Dock to Stock.

A spiraling quantity of orders. Complex item-level picking. Shorter delivery times. You don’t have weeks to fulfill orders. Only hours. Give drivers unstoppable access to desktop applications, so they finish tasks fast and flawlessly.

VC80 Series Vehicle-Mounted Computersvehiclecomputers
Put Desktop Applications at the Fingertips of Vehicle Operators

Dust- and water-tight. Ice- and condensation-proof. These rugged, quick-release workhorses materialize higher throughput in the harshest conditions, from the yard to the warehouse, loading
dock and freezer.

Transportation & Logistics | Manufacturing | Warehouse | Mobility DNA

VH10 / VH10F Vehicle-Mounted Computers
Do it Fast; Do it Right

Run virtually any warehouse application despite all-day pounding, dust, dirt, ice, heat and condensation. The VH10/VH10F deliver display space and a full-size keyboard, yet fit in even the smallest spaces.

Transportation & Logistics | Manufacturing | Warehouse



Speed and Capabilities You’ll Get Attached to.

Don’t keep customers waiting. Turn your mobile computer into a do-it-all mobile solution that does work faster. Whatever you need to simplify and speed up your day, we have. Choose from the widest array of enterprise-class accessories made for round-the-clock performance.

Carrying Solutions
Carry the Day
Get a firm grip on work with belt clips, holsters or shoulder and hand straps that keep mobile devices
handy. Choose from a wide range of sizes for maximum comfort. They’re made to perform in your
rugged environments.

Power Supplies
Charge Ahead
Ensure all-day power, every day. Keep going with 24/7 Extension Back PowerPacks, warm and hot swap internal batteries, charging cradles and cables.

PowerPrecision Batteries
Built for Durability and Performance
The last thing you want is to run out of power in the middle of work. PowerPrecision batteries give you non-stop performance, because they’re made to meet rigorous standards. Add to that PowerPrecision Management, and you have insight into your batteries’ health and status. So you can start your day fully charged.

Vehicle Mounts
When Productivity is the Destination
Mount a plan of action with our lineup of mounting solutions to fit any environment from quick release designs to U-mounts. Select from a variety of Zebra and third-party rugged solutions, adapters, plates, braces and brackets.

Make a Stand for Greater Sales
Get the reliable accessories to keep selling. Add wall or placard mounts and cables to close the deal, every time.

And Then Some
Expand Choices; Expand Capabilities
With this much versatility, there are accessories for every application. Ask us about our styluses, antennas, headsets, speakers, mobile payment options, screen protectors and more.


Global Services

Maximize Uptime and ROI.

Whether it’s understanding operational utilization, maximizing predictability and uptime or simply unlocking the data of your edge devices, Zebra’s portfolio of services provides expertise every step of the way.

Zebra Signature Services

Data insights from the technologies at the edge of your network can open up a world of new commercial opportunities. But without the right skills or resources, you could miss out on the full benefits. Zebra Signature Services accelerate your ability to unlock intelligence from your data, so you can run your business more productively.

Zebra OneCare™ Support Services

Constant, peak performance. That’s the upside of protecting your investment with our support services. You eliminate the unexpected disruptions and unbudgeted repair expenses. Whether you need comprehensive coverage, assistance with technical issues, software updates or on-site support, there’s a Zebra OneCare Support Service that’s right for you*.

Choose from three service levels:

Zebra OneCare Essential

  • Comprehensive repair services
  • Software support
  • 8x5 technical support (plus 24x7 online support)
  • 3-day repair turnaround service
  • Device Diagnostics** and Support Dashboard***

Zebra OneCare Select

  • All the features of Essential Service
  • Next business day advanced device replacement
  • Commissioning services (app loading and configuration management)
  • 24x7 helpdesk support

Zebra OneCare Premier**

  • All the features of Essential and Select Services
  • Operational Visibility Service
  • Software release management
  • Service delivery manager
  • Managed device service desk

Zebra OneCare™ Visibility Services

Go beyond traditional repair services. See the location, status and full state of critical assets to preempt problems, optimize utilization and amplify performance.

Asset Visibility Service (AVS)
Gain at-a-glance visibility into asset inventory and the health of all your Zebra mobile computers and
Link-OS® networked printers with this quickly activated subscription-based service. No on-site equipment or MDM / EMM needed.

Operational Visibility Services (OVS)
You can’t manage what you can’t see. OVS solves that with the advanced insight an EMM solution alone cannot provide. From a single pane of glass on a cloud-based portal, gain deep visibility into your mobile computers and printers with predictive analytics to prevent potential device issues,
and help maximize workforce productivity and business efficiency.