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Empowering Baltimore Children with Reading Partners

Jul 25, 2022
TOPIC: Announcements
2 min read
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Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, Barcoding has remained true to its roots by supporting local events and organizations, and positively impacting social communities. From corporate involvement to dedicated employees, Barcoding is indeed making an impact. One of our recent community engagements is with Reading Partners of Baltimore. Reading Partners is a national non-profit that mobilizes communities to provide students with the proven, individualized reading support they need to read at grade level by fourth grade.

Throughout the month of June and July 2022, Barcoding has partnered with Reading Partners to empower Baltimore children to help them build their own home libraries, lead them to the right path of reading and help them with their future school years.

Towards the end of our book drive, at one of our National Barcode Day events in Baltimore, we raised $1,590 to purchase more books! Thank you to those who donated!

Employees and partners collected over 450 new and gently used books to help inspire K–4th graders to achieve their reading capabilities, and fill their classrooms, homes, and imaginations. This amazing program will impact students in 15 schools in Baltimore City. Each student has an opportunity to build their own personal library of 50 books when they successfully complete a year in the program.

"Thank you, Tami Adams, for your leadership and to everyone in the Baltimore office that made our participation with the Reading Partners this year such a great success. Thank you all for making a difference because as we all know..."The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
—Shane Snyder, President, Barcoding

Thank you to Tami Adams, Christina Vargas, Mary MacKnight, and Adriana Capizzi for all your efforts in organizing the book drive with Reading Partners.

"I sincerely loved working with Reading Partners and every book we collected put a smile on many faces and will continue to do so. I am very proud of what we accomplished. So live, love, and learn! Imaginations are a terrible thing to waste. Get reading and remember the more you read the more you know!"
—Tami Adams, Sales Operations Specialist, Barcoding

If you want to get involved with Reading Partners, you have the opportunity to volunteer for the 2022-2023 school year and/or donate today!






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