Driving Results During COVID-19 With GeoTab – #SupplyChainGeekDay Video of the Week

Today, we are sharing a new video in our Video of the Week series, where we are recapping sessions from our #SupplyChainGeekDay Summit.

Today’s Video
Today’s video features GeoTab, a telematics company that offers software and analytics solutions to commercial fleets. In this discussion from #SupplyChainGeekDay, Ken Currie, VP of Business Development at Barcoding, Inc., was joined by Brenda Nguyen, Senior Data Scientist, Data & Analytics at GeoTab.

Data-Driven Decisions
Even while the world is standing still, data changes. GeoTab collects over 40 billion data points per day across 2 million vehicles. Experts at GeoTab sought to leverage this telematics data to discover how COVID-19 has affected commercial activity in real-time and make informed, data-driven decisions during the pandemic.

COVID-19’s Impact by Industry
It’s no secret that during the era of COVID-19, there is no such thing as “business as usual.” GeoTab’s research has shown some surprising insights, particularly in terms of overall trends by industry.

GeoTab tracked the impact of COVID-19 by industry, breaking down how different commercial vehicle activity has changed from pre-COVID levels to now. Transportation had the biggest drop after lockdown—industries like construction and government experienced a drop, but are now moving back to normal levels of operations. Yet others, like freight transportation, have maintained consistent levels.

Watch and Learn
View the full session below to learn more about GeoTab’s findings:

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