DEX, Efficient Technology Developed in the ‘80s and Still Going Strong

For more than 30 years, DEX, otherwise known as Data EXchange, digital communication protocol has been effective, efficient, and trust-worthy. DEX has enabled DSD, direct store delivery, to allow grocery chains and various large retailers to promote business growth.

What is DEX?
Developed in the 1980s, DEX is an EDI system that was fabricated and standardized to minimize time, costs, errors, associated with faulty and dated paper invoices. In order for drivers to generate invoices, one must plug in a cable into the device to transport data. Throughout the years, the devices have gotten smaller, which poses more challenges. However, Barcoding Inc. and VMS are switching to Bluetooth functions for practicality and readiness. On board since the 1990s, Versatile Mobile Systems has incorporated DEX software into DOS, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Android.

A Word from the Director of Versatile Mobile Systems
As Andrew Lynch states, “Everyone says DEX is dead or is going to die, but it keeps going…Zebra and Barcoding want to put the message out there: the transactions and the technology are as solid as ever.”

We encourage you to download our DEX Special Report for more information on DEX, how it works, and how it’s being used for Android today.