Connect Your Mobile Workforce With Zebra Workforce Connect – Video of the Week

We’re excited to be posting another installment of our Video of the Week series, where we share a new video with the latest updates on all things supply chain. Today’s video features our partner, Zebra Technologies, with their latest solution—Zebra Workforce Connect.

Connectivity For Communication
When a delivery driver picks up a mobile device at the start of their shift, it’s often a different device than the one they had the day before. This shared device model requires fewer devices and has a set of challenges, including communication difficulties and delays. For example, if a customer calls to check the status of their order shipment, it will take time to track down the specific device of the driver. This simple question then becomes a lengthy process and can lead to poor customer service experience.

A dedicated device model, such as Zebra’s, with a specific number allows for improved communication, providing collaboration and locating solutions. This way, customer service teams and other essential personnel can quickly see a driver’s location and instantly communicate via Zebra’s Push-to-Talk application. With this system, a customer’s question can be answered accurately and efficiently, thanks to the power of mobile devices.

Watch and Learn
Watch the full video below to learn more about how you can leverage mobile devices for efficient communication and customer service:

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