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Coming To You Live: Zebra Technologies & Barcoding

Jul 13, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
4 min read
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June 26 was a huge holiday for all you supply chain geeks out there—it was National Barcode Day, and we made the most of it! To celebrate, we brought Zebra Technologies teams to our viewers for a special June Huddle: “Coming to You Live: Zebra Technologies.”

This hour-long live event was hosted by Barcoding and Zebra experts at multiple locations, all of which were appropriate backdrops for sharing some interesting barcode history, plus important updates on new and near-future innovations.

If you attended the event, we hope you enjoyed the presentations, and if you were unable to join, read the recap and/or watch the video!

Featured Speakers

  • Jody Costa, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Barcoding
  • John Panek, Manager of North American’s Briefing Program, Zebra Technologies
  • Eric Hilton, Regional Portfolio Manager, Zebra Technologies
  • Patrick Murphy, Director Global Market Development, Data Capture Solutions, Zebra Technologies


Location 1: Zebra’s Briefing Center
Host: John Paneck and members of his team

What We Learned

John and his team joined us from Zebra’s Briefing Center in the Gary Cless Briefing Center in Lincolnshire, IL, where customers come to meet with vertical managers, marketers, product managers, engineers/inventors, and others for an “under the hood” look at what technologies are available and those that are on the horizon.

John explained that the Briefing Center is broken down by verticals:

  • Healthcare (where Zebra is used to help ensure the right people are getting the right meds to the right patients)
  • Retail (where Zebra helps get the right inventory to the right customer at the right time)
  • Manufacturing/Transportation/Logistics (where Zebra enables signature capture and tracking throughout the supply chain, among other capabilities)

The Briefing Center team then walked us through some early Zebra products: a punch tape machine (the first data storage tool, before magnetic storage); the Zebra 130 (the first barcode printer, circa the 1980s); and the Zebra 60 and Zebra 90 printers.

Next, the team introduced viewers to Print DNA, a unique ecosystem of software capabilities and tools to help customers:

  • enable greater visibility into their printers
  • better manage their printers
  • ensure that the latest defenses against security threats are in place
Together, these capabilities take printers to heights legacy printers could only dream of.”

Finally, Zebra talked about a few of their current printers:

  • The ZT610—Zebra’s “mission-critical” printer for tough warehouse environments and high volumes
  • the ZT411, Zebra’s most popular printer (powerful, easy to use, and RFID compatible)
  • the desktop ZD621, Zebra’s newest printer (which comes with a battery so it can be made into a mobile printer


Location 2: Troy, Ohio
Host: Eric Hilton

What We Learned

Coming to us live from Troy, Ohio, the birthplace of the barcode, Eric first talked about products from the early days—25 years ago. These precursors to today’s solutions ran Windows and featured simple interfaces...very exciting stuff at the time.

Today, Zebra has 30+ in their portfolio, with solutions designed specifically for Retail, Field mobility, Warehouse/Manufacturing, Government/Public Safety, and Healthcare. Products include point-of-sale hubs, personal shopper solutions, tablets, and many others. Eric revealed that Zebra’s products are moving from Touch Computers to Enterprise Computers that are rugged yet slim, lightweight, wearable, single-user/single-shift, making them ideal as individually assigned personal devices and for customer-facing applications.

Next Eric talked about Mobility DNA, an ecosystem that includes business, management, productivity, and development tools. Of the12 free tools, 11 are pre-loaded and ready to use right out of the box. Lastly, he highlighted Zebra’s incredible workstation docking cradle—a simple unit that turns any Zebra mobile device into a workstation.


Location 3: Eugene, OR
Host: Patrick Murphy

What we learned

The very entertaining Patrick Murphy first chatted with us about the interesting history of barcode—a topic we recently posted on our blog. Be sure to watch his presentation to learn how Juicy Fruit gum, freight trains, IBM, gas plasma laser tubes, and the Marsh Supermarket all contributed to today’s barcode scanning.

Patrick closed by talking about laser scanners becoming slowly phased out, being replaced by modern 2D imagers (camera-based barcode scanners). He discussed the future of product scanning, including invisible barcodes, image capture technology, and the marriage of machine vision and AI. Ultimately, he said, high-speed smart cameras and AI may lead to the extinction of the barcode...but not until 2050.


Jody Costa wrapped up this fun- and fact-filled event by saying no matter where inventory tracking goes in the future, Barcoding and Zebra will be well ahead of the curve, ready to deploy solutions that address users, processes, and technology—so you can be more efficient, accurate, and connected.


Thanks to everyone who was part of the Zebra Coming to You Live Event! Barcoding and Zebra are ready to help you prepare for tomorrow’s supply chain challenges. If you’re ready to be highly efficient tomorrow, reach out today—just click the link below to get started!

Oh, and don’t forget to watch for news about our July Huddle! In the meantime, watch the recording below to learn more.



(And don’t forget to watch for news about our next event…)



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