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Coming To You Live: Honeywell & Barcoding

Jul 7, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
3 min read
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We just wrapped another “Coming to You Live” event, and it was a great one! Those who attended had the pleasure of learning straight from Honeywell folks about some current and upcoming product enhancements that—along with Barcoding’s expertise—will help your organization be more efficient, accurate, and connected.

Our host was Jody Costa, Barcoding’s VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships; she was joined by:

  • GW Hall, Senior Channel Business Manager, Honeywell
  • Mark Desommes, Sales Manager, Honeywell
  • Scot Stelter, Director of Product Marketing, Honeywell

If you attended the event, we hope you learned a lot from the presentations; if you couldn’t join, get the second-best experience by watching the video (or reading the recap)!

Location 1: A very tidy basement office in John's Creek, Georgia
Host: Mark Desommes

What We Learned

Mark did a quick demonstration for us, showing three of Honeywell’s industrial scanners in action at different distances—an SR, XR, and AR. He proved all scanners can scan at all distances (even up to around 30 feet), but showed that each performs best in specific situations. If you’re typically scanning both short and mid-range distances, for example, you should use an XR, but if mid-range scanning is something you only do occasionally, then stick with an SR—because you’ll pay less for the scanner. And it goes without saying, then, that if you’re scanning at all ranges, you should use an AR.

Mark also talked about durability and how it affects the total cost of ownership (TCO). Durability is about more than general “toughness”; it’s also related to:

  • Flexibility of the plastics used to make the device. Honeywell uses plastics that “soften the blow,” so to speak, when devices are dropped, protecting the critical inner workings of the device
  • Temperature flexibility—the ability to scan within a wide temperature range
  • Screen placement. Honeywell mounts its screens deeper into its devices than competitors in order to protect the screen and camera (did you ever try to scan using a device with a scratched screen?)


Location 2: Home office, North Carolina
Host: Scot Stetler

What We Learned

Scot first walked us—very enthusiastically—through some of the amazing enhancements Honeywell has made to the CK65, including:

  • FlexRange imager that works at up to 80 feet, under varying light conditions, angled reading, and other constraints
  • Rugged scan handle with ergonomic soft overmold
  • Anchoring mechanism
  • 53-key alphanumeric and 42-key numeric F-Key keyboards
  • New software that does multi-code scanning
  • Temperature sensors that trigger an internal heater to eliminate condensation and protect the scan engine in cold environments
  • 10-ft drop spec ideal for “rough-and-tumble” environments
  • Options for vehicle mounts and indoor/outdoor versions

Then Scot focused on the CT45 and a few of its new features:

  • Enhanced overmold for greater durability/longer lifespan
  • Android versions fully supported
  • WiFi 6
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • AI battery management

Finally, Scot spoke cryptically about some amazing innovations Honeywell has in store. Unfortunately for us, though, he revealed no secrets! More to come on that, we’re sure.


Location 3: Barcoding's HQ in Baltimore, Maryland
Host: GW Hall

What We Learned

GW focused on the CT40 and some of the accessories that make it incredibly flexible. Accessories are mounted to the device using an exoskeleton boot, something that:

  • Takes it from having a 4-ft drop spec to a 6-ft drop spec 
  • Allows batteries to be changed, and the device to be charged, without removing the boot 
  • Enables attachment of a ring scanning accessory 
  • Allows you to have multiple form factors in the same facility using a single device; the exoskeleton is a gateway that allows the device to be used in multiple ways

Wrap Up

Jody Costa wrapped up by asking each member of the Honeywell team to share one important takeaway from the event:

  • Mark: When deciding on an industrial scanner, focus first on reliability
  • Scott: Future-proof your investment by choosing an operating system that can be built on (Android!)
  • GW: Make decisions that will help you reach your goal: to make people more productive 


Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who was part of this edition of “Coming To You Live.” If your organization is getting bogged down by outdated processes and technologies, remember that Barcoding and Honeywell are ready to set you up with the solutions you need to gain that competitive advantage you’re looking for. Want to talk? Click the link below!

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(And don’t forget to watch for news about our next event…)



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