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First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

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Better Versatility and Accuracy with Zebra Technologies DS3600-KD

Sep 7, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
2 min read
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We often talk about digital transformation and future-proofing within the warehousing ecosystem because while it might have been a “maybe later” endeavor 5 years ago, it’s now imperative that businesses start putting archaic practices to rest—permanently. That said, we only follow the gold standards of PPT (process, people, technology) and spotlight devices and software we feel are relevant to some of the common challenges faced by our customers. For warehouses, retailers, and manufacturers who are looking for a device that can rise above the occasion, check out this spotlight on the Zebra Technologies DS3600-KD.

Adapts to Your Environment

Your supply chain environment is unique, which means your scanner needs to work in conditions that are less than ideal. Whether it’d be dust, temperature fluctuations, accidents, or harsh drops your scanner needs to conquer all because even short downtimes can lead to decreased ROI. As far as rugged scanners go, the DS3600-KD has the highest drop, tumble, and sealing specifications in its class. With dual IP65/IP68 sealing, the DS3600-KD is dustproof, can handle the force of jetting water, and be fully submerged in water. Built to withstand extreme heat, cold, and humidity, the DS3600-KD can be used anywhere—indoor, outdoor, and even in the freezer.

Made for a Better User Experience

With labor shortage being a problem, it’s important that your current employees and warehouse workers have a good relationship with their scanners. Any time they must troubleshoot, research new functions, or learn additional specs means time taken away from other responsibilities. Training is essential, but we should always provide methods to shorten learning curves and reduce technical complexities when we can.
Your workers can start using the pre-built applications on day one—including the ability to add quantity and/or location data to any scanned barcode, confirm that the contents inside a container match the outer label, and even add location data during inventory counts while roaming away from the host. If they have experience with barcode scanners, then they’re already ahead of the game.


Getting Things Done

Would a barcode scanner by any other name scan just the same? Not necessarily! Here are some features we really like about the DS3600-KD:

  • The first scanner of its class to have a color display, which not only allows for better and easier viewing but also adjusts brightness automatically in any lighting condition.
  • Reads up to 20 barcodes with one scan
  • Fast pick-list processing
  • It’s first in its class to offer a cradle with IP65 sealing. Its industrial charging contacts withstand 250,000 insertions
  • Eliminates Bluetooth interference with Wi-Fi Friendly Mode
  • Enhanced 10 ft./3 m drop spec to concrete
  • Supports more than 60,000 scans on a single charge

While we are quite elated with the functionality and design of the DS3600-KD, the hardware/software you procure for your projects should match your goals and environment. Zebra Technologies and Barcoding have a celebrated partnership, which means we can provide custom options and solutions for businesses in many industries. Be sure to reach out with your questions and concerns! Check out this application brief from Zebra Technologies as well!

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