#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: WIP 2.0: Spreadsheets to Big Data

Thanks for joining us for another installment of our Video of the Week series! Each week we will be bringing you a new video of a session from our 8th Annual Executive Forum. Didn’t catch the last video? Check it out here to learn more about optimizing mobile operations.

Today’s Video
Today’s #TBT is a breakout session called “WIP 2.0: From Spreadsheets to Big Data”, hosted by Parham Shah, the CEO of FactoryFour. Ever since he founded the company in 2015, they have been committed to developing cutting-edge, cloud-native manufacturing software and WIP technology.

Improving Visibility
As companies produce more diverse, customizable products, it is more important than ever to be able to keep track of exactly where in the manufacturing process each individual product is. However, Shah notes that “85% of manufacturers have a basic form of visibility…[and] traceability with paper spreadsheets and limited barcoding systems.” He explains how adapting new WIP (work-in-process) can take your business from “basic to advanced”.

Make your work-in-process work for you
Gone are the days of clipboards and rooms full of paperwork. New technologies like RFID and cloud computing have made big advances. WIP continues this growth, reinventing manufacturing management to suit new technology. FactoryFour specializes in cloud-native software, which means data is managed entirely within the cloud. This means your tech can update faster, run from a larger variety of devices, and track data in one easy-to-access place. Making the switch to cloud-native software provides real-time updates that streamline production and automate your tracking processes.

Now Playing
Watch the video below to view the full session and find out more!

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