#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: Transforming Mobile Operations with Samsung and Barcoding, Inc.

Welcome to today’s #TBT! This is the third installment of our Video of the Week series looking back at the 8th Annual Executive Forum. Missed the last video about Enterprising Labeling strategies? Feel free to catch up here.

Today’s Video
This breakout session talk is called “Transforming Mobile Operations with Samsung and Barcoding, Inc.” It was hosted by two business development experts: John Gibson, Head of Business Development in the Manufacturing Vertical at Samsung Electronics North America, and Ken Currie, Vice President of Business Development here at Barcoding, Inc.

“All retailers are trying to be competitive and relevant,” Gibson explained. “The ones that are being successful in that are the ones that are using technology literally on their person to be able to help customers in a meaningful way.” Keeping up with trends in on-the-go technology and transportation can help you make the most of your mobile operations.

Mobile Operations and Security
Currie tells us that compared to 1980, today in America we manufacture 50% more with just ⅓ the number of people. So, businesses are adapting mobile solutions to ensure efficiency and productivity. However, mobile devices can cause potential security issues, like phishing scams. This video explores how Samsung is tackling these issues to create a safer and smarter mobile tech world.

Press Play
Watch the video below to view the full session and learn more about maximizing mobile operations!

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