#BarcodingEF8 Video of the Week: How to Deploy a Strategic Enterprise Labeling Program

Welcome to another installment of our Video of the Week series! For 12 weeks, we will be looking back at our 8th Annual Executive Forum, which connected the best ideas, minds, and tech in the AIDC industry. You can read last week’s #TBT about Android Cloud Migration, here.

Today’s Video
Let’s take a look at Track II in the second Breakout Session of the day, entitled “How to Deploy a Strategic Enterprise Labeling Program”. The featured speaker of this session is our very own Dave Reba, Director of Consumables Sales here at Barcoding, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain industry, his goal is to “help people improve processes using technology.”

What’s in a Label?
Barcode labels can help define our businesses’ presence and unify each different point in the supply chain. They allow us to keep better track of our products, both internally and externally.

What is Enterprise Labeling?
Attendees were treated to a lively discussion on Enterprise Labeling strategy, for today and into the future. Enterprise Labeling is all about making a standardized platform for label production and printing. This practice makes consistent and reliable labeling easier than ever before! Reba’s talk goes in-depth on how consolidating your labeling program can lower costs and increase efficiency.

Now Screening
Check out the video below to watch the session in full and start improving your enterprise labeling strategy today!

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