#BarcodingEF8 Recap: Part 1

Over the past eight years, we’ve held an Executive Forum in order to allow thought leaders from throughout the supply chain industry to come together, be heard, and collaborate. This year, we did things bigger and better than ever before! Let’s take a look at the 8th Annual Barcoding, Inc. Executive Forum.

#SupplyChainGeeks Everywhere
barcoding3f8As attendees entered the Turf Valley Resort, located in scenic Ellicott City, MD, they were greeted by our friendly team of #SupplyChainGeeks to receive their name badges and agendas for the day. After registration, attendees were welcomed with a breakfast buffet, complete with a solutions showcase and plenty of opportunities for networking.

Shane Kicks-Off the Day
Our VP of Marketing, Jody Costa, started off the day by welcoming all of the attendees and introduced our President, Shane Snyder. He kicked off #BarcodingEF8 by acknowledging the past eight Executive Forums and how they differ from regular tradeshows—the Forum is a place to make connections.

He went on to discuss how 2018 is our 20 year anniversary and giving back to the community has been what sets us apart and is the key to who we are as an organization. Snyder added that, “Being around for 20 years is a testament to our collaboration. Technology takes care of itself. It’s the people that makes the difference.” From there, he announced our big plans for expansion! Watch the video below to see what our future holds:

Master Your Mind
Following Shane’s remarks, we had the pleasure of hearing from keynote speaker Amita Shukla. Chief Executive Officer of Vitamita. Vitamita stands for Life Without Limits, and its aim is to empower people to realize their highest potential. She started off her keynote address by discussing mindset and how she used her background in venture capital to study the mind and what makes the difference between success and failure, noting that visualization and believing that you can is key.

From there, she engaged attendees by having us take a fun, short quiz in order to discover what state of mind we live in—1D, 2D, or 3D. Our mindset and how we think says a lot about us, but when you learn how to tap into the three states of mind, that’s when you unlock your minds potential. She then correlated our tagline—Be Efficient—Accurate—Connected—to each state of mind. Being efficient is a 1D state of mind, being accurate a 2D, and being connected would be a 3D state of mind. Without connectivity, you could not have success in the supply chain industry, which is why being able to achieve a 3D state of mind is so important.

Sometimes it’s hard to get into a 3D state of mind, and Shulka suggested that taking a break is necessary. She gave a very fitting example of how Norman Joeseph Woodland took a trip to Miami Beach in 1949. It was this trip that allowed him to clear his mind and invent the barcode!

“I remember I was thinking about dots and dashes when I poked my four fingers into the sand and for whatever reason—I didn’t know—I pulled my hand toward me and drew four lines. I said ‘Golly! Now I have four lines and they could be wide lines and narrow lines, instead of dots and dashes.” Without Woodlands trip to the beach, which allowed him to enter a 3D state of mind, we could all be living in a sad, barcodeless world!

After this inspirational and motivational keynote address, attendees chose their path for the day—Track I vs. Track II—to learn about all things Supply Chain.

But Wait, There’s More!
Stay tuned for Part II of our recap series to find out what happened in Track I at #BarcodingEF8! Can’t wait? Check out our twitter moment from the day, or register for the Encore Executive Forum in Oak Brook, IL.!

Barcoding, Inc. 8th Annual Executive Forum