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Barcoding Wins Four GDUSA Inhouse Design Awards

Sep 19, 2022
TOPIC: Announcements
4 min read
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We are pleased to share that Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) awarded our in-house marketing and design team four awards this year in the 2022 American Inhouse Design Awards competition. The designs that have won awards include the Barcoding Research Study, National Barcode Day Campaign, National Barcode Day Video, and the IntelliTrack Website. These projects were a series of collaborative efforts by various teams at Barcoding as well as many team members at Weidert Group, an inbound growth agency. We are so proud to call this a collective WIN!

GDUSA is a business-to-business resource for those in graphic design, so it is more than just a piece of paper! These awards highlight the Barcoding in-house design team’s expertise, as well as the value they bring to our organization. We are happy to be in the company of fellow recipients such as PepsiCo Design & Innovation, ULINE Creative Department, and, our fellow Marylanders, T. Rowe Price and Morgan State University.

Graphic design has allowed us to create a new and efficient website with HubSpot CMS and to design innovative campaigns that have reached over 10k impressions. We worked with the Weidert Group team on creating the new user-friendly along with the National Barcode Day campaign and video for all of our customers, partners, and employees.

Barcoding’s been an exemplary client, from our marketing partners to their subject matter experts. Jody and her team collaborate closely with our inbound team, and everyone at Barcoding is generous with industry knowledge, experience, and insights that make the work even better. It's an honor to share this recognition with them.
Greg Linnemanstons, President, Weidert

Our strategy for the new & improved website:

  • Streamlined backend foundation by using HubSpot CMS (all the data in one place for better nurturing, personalization, etc.)
  • Stronger design and branding to help people get to what they need quicker
  • Updated and streamlined the structure of the site (the navigation)
  • Deep diving on our IntelliTrack platform, services, and our customer's experience
  • Living breathing asset that will update every 90 days (with Weidert Group)

An award-winning design such as the IntelliTrack website proves that an efficient and accurate website is incredibly important for our customers, partners, and our employees, of course.

highlights from our campaigns:

  • We posted 119 National Barcode Day social posts with over 12k impressions across all of our social channels.
  • Our GIFs have had 44.5 million views of all time.
  • We gained over 400 followers.
  • We had over 300 clicks and 500 interactions for our research report campaign. 
  • The National Barcode Day video received over 1.1k impressions and 125 views overall.

Barcoding Lead Designer & Content Strategist, Krystal Cotriss, described the months-long process behind these award-winning designs. “Being a lead designer for many Barcoding and IntelliTrack projects has helped me grow professionally and personally, creating strategic and impactful projects is a huge passion of mine. It has been an honor for me to work on many of these projects, I have learned so much about website design, annual reports, and social media campaigns. This year we've grown as a team and added a Junior Designer to our team, Eric Bradley! Working with the Weidert team and many team members at Barcoding has been so great and I can’t wait to see what else Barcoding and team Weidert will create together!”

I always say the team I work with are miracle workers and they continuously prove me right. It's always a joy to see the results. —Iris Huang, Business Coordinator

Congratulations to everyone involved and to those on our in-house design team and the Weidert Group team, whose talent we see every day, for this recognition! Learn more about these projects here: IntelliTrack Website, National Barcode Day, and Barcoding Research Report.


Barcoding Research Study

  • Jody Costa, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
  • Krystal Cotriss, Lead Designer & Content Strategist
  • Iris Huang, Business Coordinator


National Barcode Day campaign credits

  • Jody Costa, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
  • Krystal Cotriss, Lead Designer & Content Strategist
  • Iris Huang, Business Coordinator


National Barcode Day video credits

  • Jody Costa, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
  • Krystal Cotriss, Lead Designer & Content Strategist
  • Iris Huang, Business Coordinator
  • Stacy Bouchard, Strategist
  • Kate Eastman, Consultant
  • Jo Phillip, Content Manager
  • Todd Dively, Director of Video Services
  • Matt Troge, Lead Editor


iNTELLItRACK website credits

  • Jody Costa, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
  • Krystal Cotriss, Lead Designer & Content Strategist
  • Iris Huang, Business Coordinator
  • Stacy Bouchard, Strategist
  • Hayden Fredriksen, Consultant
  • Jon Stanis, UX Director 
  • Bryan Scheidewind, Sr. Web Developer
  • Dakota Perock, Designer
  • Brent Senske, Director of Design & Technology
  • Meg Hoppe, VP of Creative & Operations
  • Justin Harrison, Creative Director
  • Eric Severstad, Creative Director
  • Amanda Retzki, Service Delivery Specialist
  • Isaiah Wells, Video Director
  • Matt Troge, Lead Editor


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