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Barcoding, Inc. & BarTender Software Streamline Asset Tagging for Tri-State Industries

Oct 20, 2022
TOPIC: Barcode Label
3 min read
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Businesses introduce barcode identification tags and labels to make product inventory and asset tracking more accurate and efficient.

That’s the whole point. 

But when the systems and solutions used are a hodgepodge of online-generated JPG files, manually updated spreadsheets, and wasteful sheet labels in an office laser printer, that leaves a lot of room for error, complication, and waste.

A process like that defeats the purpose of barcode asset tags in the first place.

We think it should be as simple to generate ID numbers, track asset tags, and print labels as it is to scan a barcode. Every process step should be streamlined and cost-effective—and of course, add value.

That’s the mindset our data capture experts brought to Tri-State Industries & Automation.

Situation: A Behind-the-Times Barcode ID & Asset Tagging Process 

The irony was not lost on Tri-State Industries & Automation, a Midwest manufacturer of rail car, construction, and mobile trailers. The business had built its name on technological advancements, streamlined processes, and automated, robotic welding to optimize quality and efficiency across their manufacturing processes: bending metal, welding parts, assembling and painting their high-quality trailers. 

Tri-State knew the importance of finding and addressing inefficiencies in each process. This time, the process was essential to operations, but not intrinsic to production: generating the DOT-compliant VIN labels for trailers and printing the required recordkeeping paperwork.

Tri-State was using a cobbled-together process that was usually effective, if far from efficient, to generate trailer ID numbers and create individual barcode asset tags and certificates of origin. Their process involved free online barcode-generating tools, multiple spreadsheets, and a worrisome copy-and-paste step that created too much opportunity for error. 

Every VIN tag’s piggyback labels and certificate of origin required this cumbersome manual data entry process that ran parallel to the engraving. Printing each individual VIN barcode via laser printer using a full sheet of labels was certainly not cost-effective, either.

Analysis: Too Many Sources & Too Many Touches

It was easy to see that relying on a manual process with multiple external databases and multiple data entry steps was like putting out the welcome mat for errors, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies.

Tri-State needed a single software resource that would be easy to use and deliver a standardized barcode label process, no matter who was using it. They needed a solution that could pull data from multiple external databases, generate barcodes natively into manageable, standardized templates, and reliably automate recordkeeping.

They also needed a simplified, cost-effective label printing solution to print each individual label and certificate, one at a time with consistent, high quality—preferably automated to eliminate the risk of human error.

Resolution: BarTender Professional & Thermal Printed Roll Labels

Barcoding recommended BarTender Software by Seagull Scientific as the right solution for streamlining Tri-State’s clunky label-printing process. Because it’s automated, Tri-State’s team can trust the data, the labels and certificates, and the accuracy of each record added to the asset database every time a VIN label is created.

In addition to the software solution, Barcoding’s team helped Tri-State replace its VIN barcode printing process with a thermal printer that operates using labels on a roll—so no more inserting a full sheet of labels to print a single VIN and barcode. And BarTender’s automation ensures the image prints correctly and consistently every time, virtually eliminating waste.

Result: Improved Accuracy & Traceability, Reduced Waste & Costs

Now, Tri-State can quickly and easily produce DOT-compliant, traceable VIN trailer tags on demand at a tremendous time savings, and without a worry about accuracy or human error. BarTender Professional’s automated database features have also vastly improved traceability, and the connectivity of the solution has made it much easier to share information with Tri-State’s partners.

In fact, the solution has already reduced office labor needs by two hours a week. Plus, by switching to thermal printed roll labels, Tri-State has tacked on a bonus in savings on consumable supplies.

Tri-State Industries is successful by focusing on Lean Manufacturing with a drive to eliminate wasteful activities and to increase throughput.  Barcoding offered the perfect solution with BarTender to fall in synch with our main themes of running our business.  It’s particularly satisfying when the themes of Lean Manufacturing extend to the Office staff where usually the wins occur on the shop floor.” 

Colin Noone, Director of Operations, Tri-State Industries & Automation


Streamlined Inventory & Asset Tracking Shouldn’t Be So Hard

No matter the industry, asset and inventory management are critically important to the profitability of every business. Ongoing evolutions in customer expectations, coupled with supply chain and distribution challenges, leave no room for inaccuracies or inefficiencies. At the same time, tech advances are making more business data available than ever before.

With the right tools, your enterprise data can become one of your most valuable assets. See how when you download our guide explaining how an asset tracking solution can help your organization improve visibility, connect your data, and make better business decisions. Just click the link to claim your copy today.


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