Barcoding, Inc. and Mirabito Holdings, Inc. Team Up a Second Time

To service their 101 retail convenience stores and network of clients throughout New York, Western Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, Mirabito Holdings, Inc. relies on a fleet of 95 vehicles. Until recently, this fleet was utilizing outdated hardware equipment and handheld devices that could not be linked with the company’s newer equipment. This lack of mobile connectivity was preventing Mirabito’s delivery fleet from reaching peak efficiency.

Challenges from Outdated Technology

Mixing old and new equipment meant that Mirabito’s headquarters could not communicate with their drivers’ devices during the course of the day. If a dispatcher needed to add a delivery to a specific driver’s route, that driver either needed to first come back to the office and download the required data or record the delivery manually. This lead to a system of fragmented documentation that was open to accounting errors.

“We were constrained to hardware that had device ports that couldn’t tie into our equipment on the truck and we wanted to get away from that,” explained Eric M. Bunts, chief information officer (CIO), Mirabito. “We wanted to put in one piece of equipment that could connect everything- the serial devices, the older serial device technology that runs the pumps on the truck and the register as well as have the ability to implement new technology in the future.”

Bunts wanted to upgrade their 95 vehicle fleet into virtual mobile offices. He was looking for a way to introduce an in-truck delivery system that would provide and run on real-time data. With the help of Barcoding, Inc., that’s exactly what Mirabito did.

The Fleet Solution

We equipped each of Mirabito’s trucks with Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 Series Routers. Additionally, we installed Panorama Antennas so these devices could be managed remotely. This new system of connected devices allows Mirabito’s headquarters to communicate all day with their drivers’ durable handheld computers, tablets and cell phones, various mounts, and printers.


This ability to be connected round-the-clock with their drivers and trucks has greatly improved Mirabito’s billing efficiencies and data accuracy. It has also cut down on their mailing times and costs. Without a way to digitize deliveries or capture customer electronic signatures, the company was relying on manual billing. Now, billing time has been reduced from three days to four hours, and mailing costs have been cut by more than $65,000 a year.

“Our communication structure is 100 percent enhanced due to our new wireless environment,” said Bunts. “It has greatly impacted our overall efficiency, customer relations and employee relations because for the first time, our employees who for the longest time felt segmented from our home office, now have direct lines of communication and feel a part of our interior corporate network.”

He went on to say, “We’re not only improving our employees’ experience, but also our customers’ experience as well as their overall customer satisfaction. It’s definitely a win-win for everybody.”

This was Barcoding, Inc. and Mirabito’s second partnership. For the first, we helped Mirabito connect each of their 101 retail convenience stores to a mobile network. Learn more about it here.

“Similar to the in-store solution, there were a lot of components of the system that we required that had not been done before. Barcoding was able to find the right hardware that was going to be able to sustain a mobile environment as well as find durable equipment at a low cost to build out the entire product mix and have it work together as one holistic solution.”

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