Barcoding, Inc. Gives Innovator of the Year Honor to Mirabito

When we name our Innovator of the Year, the industry sits up and takes note. The annual award recognizes a team within a firm that has used an automated or mobile data capture solution to great effect, and they have no shortage of qualified options from which to choose.

This year’s award has been given to Mirabito, a top full-service energy provider in upstate New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts that has been in business since 1927. Mirabito has 108 retail convenience stores as well as a retail fuel delivery fleet that is 95 vehicles strong. Mirabito has long been focused on offering workers and customers the best experience possible.

A combination of our own solutions and technology from Verizon Wireless enabled Mirabito to reduce its connection loss by setting up its stores using a secondary network. Cradlepoint Routers and NetCloud Enterprise Cloud Manager help the stores stay connected to their supply chain around the clock and bring their customers the best service possible.

They also brought the connectivity in their delivery fleet to new heights by installing a solution that allows their drivers to capture data and transmit it to their main office in real time. This has made billing and delivery far more streamlined than before.

Further Innovations Expected

Our CEO Jay Steinmetz commended Mirabito for their accomplishments, saying that their new solutions have boosted productivity, improved the experience of their workers and customers alike, and increased their overall revenue. He added that we are looking forward to see what innovations Mirabito will come up with next.

Mirabito’s Chief Information Officer, Eric M. Bunts, said his firm was honored to be named the 2017 Innovator of the Year, adding that they were pleased to continue working together with us to tackle other challenges that arise using further innovative solutions.

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