Barcoding, Inc. Expands North American Presence with Launch of Barcoding-Canada

We’re excited to announce our international expansion with the launch of Barcoding-Canada. This expansion will allow Barcoding, Inc. to better serve and support our clients across North America. Meet Barcoding-Canada.

Through this expansion, Barcoding-Canada has opened regional offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to support our existing customers with Canadian operations and to open new business in the Canadian market. Barcoding-Canada will provide customers with expertise in three core service areas:

  • Reliable and affordable data collection systems, such as barcodes and RFID, to capture a stronger supply chain
  • A comprehensive suite of labeling and printing solutions customized for any business and particular application
  • The latest mobile computing technology and understanding to implement optimal solutions to improve varying business models.

For several years, Barcoding has been researching this market for expansion in order to better serve our customers as well as helping to improve operations for potential clients in a previously underserved market. “Canada is a fast-growing market with a high demand for our industry services. We’re excited by the opportunity to grow our business and improve our services to existing clients in the country,” said Barcoding, Inc. President Shane Snyder.

In addition to industry leading deployment and professional support services (GoLive Services™ and StayLive Services™) and expertise in Android Migration, RFID and IoT systems, Barcoding-Canada will provide strategic operations analysis and solutions to clients and partners.

Local Knowledge Goes a Long Way

We understand that business strategies and processes vary in the Canadian market from the business we conduct across other markets in North America. Because of this, our top priority has been to build an experienced team that understands the intricacies and nuances of this market.

“With a Canadian team that understands the local market and culture, Barcoding’s expansion will further the company’s mission to deliver efficiency, accuracy and connectivity to all clients,” Snyder explained. Today, the Barcoding-Canada team consists of experienced employees ready to help clients in the region and will continue to expand and grow our team.

With a combination of local expertise and geographic diversity, Barcoding will develop optimal solutions for clients in Canada.

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