Barcoding Behind the Scenes: Our Professional Services Team

Our team members truly are what make our company great and we are honored to have so many amazing employees. Through their hard work, they help us be more efficient, accurate, and connected and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Earlier this year, we renovated an office building in Highlandtown to serve as our new US headquarters. Moving our entire operation to a new space was no small feat, but one team in particular showed extra drive, determination, and initiative. Our services team accomplished so much during this exceptionally hectic time, so we wanted to give a behind the scenes look at their efforts.

Our Professional Services Team

Our services team fills a wide variety of important roles for the company as highly experienced Systems and Wireless Engineers, Implementation Specialists, Project Managers, and Support Specialists. They ensure that our customer’s projects are delivered and implemented on time and on budget, with minimal interruption. From our GoLive and StayLive Services, to network design and installation, to professional certifications and more, they provide essential functions to our Barcoding family.

Going the Extra Mile (or 12,000!)

Despite it already being their busy season, the services team took on additional challenges that came with the big move.

  • They configured and deployed over 12,000 mobile devices.
  • Managed the receipt, tear down, and processing of over 100 pallets of equipment
  • Navigated around a road closure that restricted delivery of those 100 pallets due to a gas leak…
  • Tolerated the tear down and removal of office furniture during the move—even including their own desks!
  • Picked up work from temporary workstations and simply “made do”
  • Transformed our old office space on the 2nd floor into a production center, and then manually moved shipments down from the 2nd floor when the elevator went out…
  • And so much more!

It is this kind of hard work and dedication that allows us to be efficient, accurate, and connected. We appreciate each and every Barcoding team member for being so patient and helpful during the move and are proud to announce that we’re all finally under one roof at our new US headquarters!

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