Barcoding and Dot Foods Deploy Wireless Temperature Tracking for Trailers

The supply chain environment has grown increasingly demanding and visibility is more important than ever. Dot Foods, a Barcoding customer, came to us to find a monitoring solution to keep track of temperature, humidity, and airflow in the freezer mounts of their refrigerated trucks.

Partnering with Honeywell, we were able to find a solution that offered real-time data and visibility into their climate control. We integrated it with their fleet management via a wireless monitoring system that can alert the driver should temperatures dip or rise abnormally.

Troy Schenk, Dot Foods’ Director of Automation: “Our greenfield project was a success in large part because of the monitoring technology Barcoding recommended and set up. We’re seeing a real boost in productivity because our people aren’t slowed down by equipment that’s cumbersome and unreliable. Having seen the accuracy and reliability, we’re now eager to roll this out to more of our facilities.”

Along with helping Dot Foods increase their visibility and productivity, we were also able to help them meet transport and food safety regulations. If you are interested in the solutions, technology, and methods we employed, then download our case study to get inspired!

Check out the full Official Press Release.

About Dot Foods
Dot Foods is the largest foodservice redistribution company in North America and offers over 112,000 products from 830 food industry manufacturers. Dot Food consolidates those products and delivers in less-than-truckload quantities to distributors nationwide on a weekly basis.

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