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Package Tracking Software Applications by Barcoding, Inc.

For many colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices, and large companies with multiple mailrooms, the process of tracking packages, mail, parcels, luggage, and documents is often frustrating and inaccurate.

Our package tracking applications – some of our most requested – deliver reliability, accountability, and consistency in mailroom management.

  • Incoming packages tracked across all operations
  • Critical delivery can be expedited
  • Detailed proof of delivery available
  • Increased accountability of mailroom employees

As shipping companies (Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL) drive down the cost of express shipping, companies must maintain efficiency in the “last mile.” Use our package tracking software, coupled with our mobile technology, to ensure that a parcel delivered overnight reaches the right recipient on time.

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Package Tracking Software Options

IntelliTrack Package Track is an easy-to-use system for tracking the receipt of packages, mail, or luggage from a mailroom or loading dock to the recipient’s location. Packages that have a FedEx, UPS, or any other barcode label are easily received into the system using a handheld terminal with barcode scanner. Packages are then delivered to the recipient, scanned, and a signature is captured on the handheld device to document proof of delivery.

TekTrack is an easy-to-use, inbound mail and package tracking software system that is adaptable to an endless array of applications. It uses the latest barcode and RFID technologies while still allowing for tracking of non-barcoded packages and parcels. For increased speed and mobility, TekTrack provides full integration with mobile scanners and PDCs (portable data collectors) and allows you to customize the workflow to your business needs.