Check In/Check Out Software

Enhance Security and Reduce Loss

Check In/Check Out Solutions by Barcoding, Inc.

Where was a tool last seen? Who checked it out? Answer these questions by implementing a check in/check out system from Barcoding, Inc. Check In/Check Out software is ideal for those that track circulating assets and inventory – like those found in storage rooms, equipment rooms, and/or tool rooms.

By using a Check in / Check Out solution, you can:

  • Prevent the loss of packages, equipment, specimens, and tools
  • Stay on top of maintenance schedules for your machinery
  • Avoid confusion over which employee signed out which piece of equipment
  • Create an accurate and connected chain of custody for items

Barcoding, Inc.’s Complete Check In/Check Out Solutions

At Barcoding, we offer complete solutions. For all of our software offerings, we recommend use case-specific hardware (mobile computers, printers, tablets, scanners, etc.) and our GoLive Services™ for staging, kitting, and configuration. For enterprise roll-outs, we also recommend our StayLive Services™ (help desk, spare pool, RMAs, asset utilization and management, etc.) to maximize uptime and the investment made in the technology.

Bottom line, you will have one partner to trust for increased efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.

Let us help you create an accurate and efficient check in/check out process.

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Check In/Check Out Software from IntelliTrack and Barcoding

Manages valuable assets such as computers, furniture, machinery, AV equipment

  • Tracks location
  • Alerts to maintenance schedule
  • Automatic depreciation calculation

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Manages circulating assets such as tools, equipment, files

  • Tracks location
  • Identifies user
  • Tracks time out

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Automates receipt and tracking of packages and mail across multiple sites

  • Email notification of receipt
  • Proof of delivery
  • Real time tracking