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We’re willing to bet that there are areas of your business that you wish you had better control over; stuff that isn’t being tracked right now. Maybe it’s inventory, consumables, or assets that aren’t barcoded or tagged. Items that you just can’t find when you need them most.

We know that the right tracking solution can really transform these business areas and make you the hero.

Tracking Leads to Powerful Data

We believe in the power of data. By tagging and tracking items, we believe companies can achieve the efficiency, accuracy, and insights needed for long-term success. We work with change leaders who thrive on control and know that trustworthy and accessible data is the key to growth.

IntelliTrack® – The Simplest Way to Track Your Stuff

By design, IntelliTrack gives users a mobile and web-based platform to build their own simplesmart, and flexible tracking solution. Users design their own custom tracking solution by building on a core item inventory management.

Our customers rely on IntelliTrack for accurate, up-to-date item data that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Core Item Inventory Module (required): Our core platform keeps track of how much you have and where it is. We include setup, items, locations, lookups, and add item to location features.

Our customers build their IntelliTrack solution by adding to the core module as their business requires it. Right now, options include:

  • Assets Module: Track assets easily and simply.
  • Fixed Assets Module: Calculate asset depreciation in house.
  • Check In/Out Assets Module: track who has your assets and where they are with our check in and check out features. We also offer maintenance and calibration schedule tracking, asset reservation tracking, and asset document tracking.
  • Stockroom Module: track stock issues, stock receipts, and stock returns, as you see fit.
  • Warehouse Order Module: track predefined warehouse picking orders and receiving orders.

We are constantly listening to our customers and growing these options to support them.

IntelliTrack is easy to deploy and fits into customers’ existing IT infrastructures. Additional features of the platform include:

  • Mobile: IntelliTrack is portable. Use it on your preferred mobile collection device. We support those that use Windows Mobile v6 and v6.5
  • Reports: Our rich set of built-in reports help you make sense of your data. Formatted for readability, we offer export to PDF, Excel, HTML, and more.
  • Report Designer: Create new IntelliTrack reports and labels and edit our built-in reports and labels to fit your specific requirements in our Report Designer application, then use them directly in IntelliTrack.
  • Barcode Labels: Our built-in barcode engine generates IntelliTrack labels that are ready to be printed to a corresponding label size. When combined with our portable applications, we offer a complete scanning solution at your fingertips.
  • Integrations: We offer integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online, as well as the following shopping carts: BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Track your inventory and orders through IntelliTrack and have all your data in one place.
  • Import/Export Utility: Import your external item and assets into IntelliTrack quickly and effectively with our utility. Export assets, issues, picks, and returns to an external file with our utility.
  • Application History: Track transaction history and know who did what when in IntelliTrack.

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