Wireless Networking

Connection to Power the Moments that Matter

High-speed connectivity is the cornerstone for all of our mobility and automation solutions. Barcoding, Inc. delivers high-performance, reliable, secure, and manageable wireless solutions for virtually every type of business environment.

At Barcoding, Inc., we offer GoLive Air™ and StayLiveAir™ services that focus on design, deployment, and management of your wireless infrastructure. As a value-added reseller, we combine those services with recommended hardware to deliver a total solution that will perform in the moments that matter.

Before You Get Started with Your Wireless Project

While it’s easy to buy Access Points online, be careful. Without proper vetting and design, network reliability and security could be compromised – jeopardizing your entire supply chain operations.

At Barcoding, Inc., we always recommend a site survey to start. Our professionals are trained in the propagation of radio waves and have the knowledge needed to design and install the right system for your unique business requirements.

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“Is your organization prepared for 44x growth of the digital universe by 2020?” Wipro Report

Now is the Time to Optimize Your Wireless Network

Today, most of us take wireless connectivity for granted … until it doesn’t work.

For many of our clients, now is the right time to review your wireless infrastructure from a holistic standpoint.

  • Do you have connection in all the locations you need it, across all channels, facilities, and entities (like trucks)?
  • Do you have the capacity and speed you need?
  • Is it secure to modern attacks?
  • Will your infrastructure scale to meet the increasing demands of IoT, big data, and the increasing volume of mobile devices?

Let us help you answer these questions and provide objective recommendations for improvement.

Wireless as a Mobile Engagement Platform

As wireless continues to become ubiquitous, Barcoding, Inc. will work with clients to find ways to leverage their existing wireless install as a mobile engagement platform (MEP). Retailers, hospitality, medical, universities can see benefits by deploying a MEP to engage with their visitors.

By marrying our high density wireless network design with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, we can create a highly dynamic platform that anyone can manage and configure. Out-of-the-box interfaces are easy for marketing team members to use, allowing IT to be removed from the process.

Optimal wireless performance is within your reach.

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