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Wide Area Passive RFID Technology

Discover the Power of Wide Area Passive RFID

Wide Area RFID gives you the power to move your product and inventory without having to physically force it through an opening, choke point, or portal.  Wide Area RFID can cover large areas of open floor space or racking and know what is in the area and what has left the area.

How does Wide Area RFID work?

  1. Uses low cost RAIN RFID passive tags, following the ISO180063
  2. Reader sends signal to tag
  3. Tag uses incoming signal as power source (No battery required)
  4. Tag talks back to reader by reflecting the signal
    • Much like a moving mirror reflecting back light – “Backscatter”

The main benefits to Wide Area RFID: 

  1. Allows for design and work flow changes with no RFID hardware changes
  2. Eliminates significant costs that go with creating lanes for portals and their quiet zones
  3. Inexpensive antennas & tags
  4. No battery needed
  5. Long range receiver with distributed antennas (over 100ft)
  6. Has RTLS capability – accuracy within 10 feet
  7. Benefits from multi-path technology
  8. Illuminates location and gives you an X,Y location – by using Wide Area RFID you’re able to give precise location of where your asset is located.


Promat 2017: Transformative Power of Wide Area RFID

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Benefits of using Wide Area RFID per industry


  • Having access to change the floor around without having to change their RFID Technology
  • Measure dwell time, determine bottleneck locations, report production without barcode scanning

Retail – physical inventory counts and location of products

  • Revenue Uplift due to reduced out-of-stocks
  • Margin improvement due to reduced markdowns, shrinkage
  • Improved customer experience and Omni-channel operations
  • Watch the video below on Accuracy and Item Location below:


Distribution Centers

  • Value in knowing the exact location of your staging areas and floor inventory
  • Eliminates barcode scan transactions on movement from location to location

IT Asset Tracking

  • Wide Area system detects IT assets as they move in and out of each of the rows in a server farm facility
  • Provides an added layer of security for assets with sensitive data

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Wide Area Passive RFID: What you Need to Know Now

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