RFID Key Management Systems

RFID Key Management Solutions by Barcoding and CaptureTech

Key management should be more than an electronic cabinet. A true key management system should proactively manage your keys in the most efficient, secure, and reliable manner possible. Our system starts with the KeyCop, or the intelligent seal. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of options – from a simple “plug and play” to a “Pick to Light” system for thousands of keys. Barcoding, Inc. is the exclusive partner for the CaptureTech Key Management System.

What is the CaptureTech Key Management System?




The heart of our solutions is the KeyCop – an RFID enabled seal to which the keys are attached. Once attached, the keys cannot be taken off the seal unless the wire is cut, which will unravel the cable.

  • The KeyCop is available in any color or pair of colors and can be laser engraved with any text, logo or barcode.
  • The KeyCop contains a standard Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag, whose information is retrieved by the readable number on the seal, by scanning the barcode, or by reading the RFID tag.

Because of the different retrieval options, you can set up your key management system precisely for your business needs. For example, you can register outgoing keys by scanning the barcodes or use a standard UHF RFID reader/antenna to read multiple seals in one go!

Key Management Software

CaptureTech has developed a unique and modular software application.

Master data, such as individual keys, sets of keys, users, etc., can be maintained in the standard application. The registration of in- and outbound key scans can also be maintained, independent of how you want to identify the sets of keys (manually, barcode scanning, RFID…). Additionally, full reporting provides a full audit trail at all times.

The standard version of the software can be extended with the inventory module, which is a very cost effective way to run an inventory of all sets of keys that are in stock at a particular moment. The inventory can be done manually, with the use of a barcode scanner, or very efficiently by means of a mobile RFID reader.

Electronic Key Cabinets

If you choose to store your keys in a non-electronic cabinet, we can support you with the registration of issued and collected keys and inventory counts of your stored keys by means of a mobile RFID reader.

If you, however, are looking to store your keys in an electronic cabinet, we have a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution called KeyConductor.


The KeyConductor is a system of “blades” or shelves that hold 12 key positions. The number of keys determines the number of blades in the cabinet. This number also determines whether barcoding or RFID is used.

Less than 100 Keys

If you have fewer than 100 keys, we often recommend choosing barcode technology as the basis for your technology.

More than 100 Keys

For more than 100 keys, we typically recommend with the use of RFID technology in order to handle multiple reads at once.

Manage your keys more efficiently and accurately.

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