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RFID Hardware by Barcoding, Inc.

RFID technology is helping companies cut costs and errors from manufacturing, distribution, retailing, and inventory and asset management operations today. It is through a complete integration of RFID hardware (tags, readers, printers, antenna, etc.) with software, printers, and your current operations that you’ll be able to achieve greater visibility and value. This is where the expertise of the RFID by Barcoding™ team comes into play.

For example,  check out the following use case: “Improving Visibility  in the Government Sector with RFID Asset Tracking”.

Types of RFID Tags

Active RFID tags use internal batteries for power and to transmit a signal. Because of this additional hardware, these tags are more expensive than passive tags. Active RFID tags should be used on more expensive assets or those that require reading over great distances.

Passive RFID tags do not have a battery and therefore rely entirely on the reader as their power source.

With lower production costs, these tags are ideal for larger quantity, less expensive assets. These tags are manufactured to be disposable, along with the disposable consumer goods on which they are placed. Whereas a railway car would have an active RFID tag, a bottle of shampoo would have a passive tag.

RFID Hardware

Antennas take the RF signal and send them to the readers for translation into useable data. The higher the antenna gain, the larger the read range, although higher doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Find out more about RFID Antennas.

From batteries to holsters to any other type of accessory needed for your RFID solution, Barcoding, Inc. can help you choose the right complementary tools.

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