Are Tablets Right for Your Business?

Enterprise tablets are great tools when deployed properly. Barcoding, Inc. has the expertise to help you evaluate if this type of mobile technology is the right fit for you. If tablets are the right tools for your business, we will ensure that they are implemented efficiently and effectively.

Discover if a tablet is the right device for your Mobile Strategy by asking the following questions:

  1. How will employees be using the tablet?
    Understand the role of the user, the activity they will be involved with, and the essential capability they need to do their job effectively. It is crucial that the tablet promotes – and does not hinder – productivity of the employee.
  2. Can a tablet survive your work conditions?
    Because of their sophisticated and delicate interface, think about such factors as weather, lighting, scanning requirements or other “non-office” conditions, where a more rugged device is more appropriate.
  3. Do your current application providers support the tablet?
    For a smooth and efficient implementation, evaluate existing processes and procedures to ensure that this is the best device for your mobile supply chain and verify that your application providers support the tablet

Tablet PCs: Evaluating Software Applications

If you’re currently evaluating mobile technology software providers for your tablets or other mobile computers, use these important questions to test the waters.

  1. How is this application, and others developed? What level of technical expertise is required to write applications, make changes to current apps and to manage updates? Would your team be able make changes to the application with no coding required?
  2. Can you support the tablets in your organization and do they fit in with your overall mobile strategy? What kind of cost is associated with each device? Can I capture digital signatures, scan barcodes, take photos and capture GPS data these different devices? Are there separate installers for each of them?
  3. What happens with the backend data that is constantly changing, like work order assignments, inventory levels, etc? How do the mobile workers get the data? Is it an automated process?
  4. What are my out of the box integration options with different backend systems?
  5. Can I remotely manage a device while it is out in the field? Does the solution allow for remote control of devices? Can I get stats of each device such as memory usage, database size, etc.?

Tablet PCs: Evaluating Ruggedness, Screen Size, and Weight

When choosing a tablet PC, make sure you understand the level of ruggedness that your organization will need.

  1. Make sure you understand the tablet’s drop specs and IP ratings. Repair costs can be a big factor in increasing “TCO” (total cost of ownership) and may not be clear in your initial research.
  2. Determine screen size based on the types of applications you need to run and the business processes you are trying to automate and streamline.
  3. Weight may be an issue with your workers – understand that batteries and accessories will play a role. In the same vein, understand how the worker will use the tablet to determine what types of straps or stations you will require.

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