State and Local Government

Mobility and Asset Tracking Solutions for State and Local Government

Barcoding, Inc is a leading specialist in the design, development, and support of bar code and RFID (radio frequency identification) systems for state and local government agencies and departments.

With our partner E-ISG, we provide state and local government with the out-of-the-box asset management solutions they need to support their regulatory requirements.

Features To Support The Acquisition And Receipts Of Government Property

  • Integrate with leading Financial Accounting, Procurement, and  ERP systems
  • Import from Excel files easily by users
  • Compliance with IFRS and component accounting
  • Manage IFRS componentization of all property assets.
  • Import Year End Revaluation program from a spreadsheet.
  • Calculate accounting entries for Revaluations, Revaluation Losses, Impairment events and all Reserves.
  • Calculate historic and current cost depreciation

Features To Customize Reports To Provide Update On The Implementation Of Government Property Plans

  • Produce reports of discrepancies
  • Produce reports on Loss, Theft, Damage, and Deconstruction (LTDD)
  • Produce reports on physical inventory
  • Produce reports for exception based inventory audit items

Features To Track The Stewardship, Custody, And Use For Government Properties

  • Link electronic document to assets
  • Comprehensive user audit trail
  • Produce DD-1149 shipping manefests
  • Property Pass
  • Property records will enable a complete, current, and auditable record of all transactions, tracked by contract, program, site, and entities
  • Support the maintenance of government properties and verify the calibration and routine preventive maintenance and repair at each physical inventory

Features To Support The Practice To Employ Environmental Sound Practice To Dispose Electronic Products

  • Support the GSA process “the Environmental Hierarchy” for managing end-of-life electronics
  • Link to R2 certified recyclers for disposal of assets
  • Provide certification and applicable documentation to disposed assets
  • Maintaining the entire life cycle information of assets in one database

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